IDF rescues sailor from Australia whose boat broke down at sea

IDF rescues sailor from

Days after rescuing five Ukrainian sailors whose ship sank off the Lebanese coast, the IDF again rescued a sailor, this time from Australia, whose boat broke down in the Mediterranean Sea. Early Monday morning, the Navy received a distress call from a ship that reported spotting another vessel nearby that was in distress. OC Navy Admiral Eli Marom immediately dispatched several ships to locate and rescue the sailor. The INS Sufa located the ship and evacuated the Australian sailor back to Rambam Hospital in Haifa. According to the Navy's initial investigation, the Australian sailor had been stuck at sea for several days and was unable to call for help. Members of the IAF's elite 669 search and rescue team rappelled down into the water and pulled the sailor up into the helicopter. Another IAF chopper later rescued four more survivors.