Netanyahu urges Palestinians to stay in talks

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu speaking in Lod Thursday urged the Palestinians to stay in direct peace negotiations in an attempt to find a solution.
"We very much hope that the Palestinians will stay in the peace talks and I think that it is important to try and advance an agreement that could lead to an end to the conflict between us and them."
"However, today the questions needs to be directed to the Palestinians: Why are you abandoning the talks?  Don't turn your backs on peace; stay in the talks. This is what needs to be asked today, and not of the Israeli Government," Netanyahu said.
"We honored the Government decision and took upon ourselves a commitment to the international community and the US to start the peace talks," Netanyahu continued.
Netanyahu said "the Palestinians waited over nine months and, immediately at the onset of the talks, set a pre-condition even though they had promised that there would be no pre-conditions."