PA welcomes S. Africa labeling decision

The Palestinian Authority Thursday welcomed South Africa's decision to order that products from the settlements be labeled in a special manner, and not carry a Made in Israel tag.

The PA also called on the EU to ban imports of settlement products.

Abdel Hafiz Nofal, a senior official with the PA Ministry of Economy, pointed out that South Africa was not banning settler products, but only labeling them with a special tag so that those who wish to boycott would be able to do so.

He said that if Israel chooses to forge the labels to avoid exposing the source of the products, this would create a political crisis with South Africa.

Abdel Hafiz said that the PA has thanked South Africa for the decision to label settler products. He added that the PA was prepared to provide South Africa and other countries with information about any goods manufactured in the settlements.

The PA official urged all EU countries to follow suit and impose similar restrictions on settler products.