PM restates willingness to resume peace process without preconditions

PM restates willingness

Ahead of the start of the Knesset's winter session, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Monday reiterated his willingness to resume the peace process as soon as possible, and said that his government would continue to make efforts to oppose those who question Israel's right to self-defense. Speaking at the start of the Likud faction meeting which preceded the opening Knesset session, the prime minister said that the government had three challenges. The first challenge, he said, was "to try and resume the peace process, as we have called for from day one - and there no reason why it cannot resume as soon as possible without preconditions." He said that the second challenge was to work to counter the Goldstone Commission's report," which he said was an "attempt to negate Israel's right to self-defense." The prime minister said the third challenge was "to continue to lead the country," adding that he hoped to pass what he said was a vital planning and construction reform.