Ahuvia Sandak

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Nearly 200 demonstrators block Jerusalem entrance in third protest this week

Three demonstrations over Ahuvia Sandak occurred in the past week. The first one happened last Thursday between the Sakharov interchange and Bridge of Strings, where ten people were arrested. 


Over 20 arrested during Ahuvia Sandak protests

Hundreds of protesters blocked the entrance to Jerusalem, climbed on the roofs of buses and injured four policemen. 


14 day news roundup: Tighter lockdown

Israeli news highlights from the past two weeks.

A Palestinian man scuffles with an Israeli during a protest against settlements, Asira al-Qibliya

West Bank needs more light instead of might

Young extremists from many settlements in the West Bank have been emboldened by the teachings of some of their more extremist rabbis and their writings for many years.


COVID-19, Ahuviya Sandak: A contrast in responding to a tragedy - opinion

From the beginning until now, an appropriate reaction from the police is lacking.

A sign put up at the entrance to the Bat Ayin settlement warns Israel Police from entering in the wa

Man indicted for placing anti-police sign at entrance to Bat Ayin

The sign reads, "This road leads to the Bat Ayin settlement. Entry is forbidden for Israel Police! You undermine the security of the residents of this settlement, you killed our son."

Israelis attend a protest in Tzfat, following the death of a young settler. Ahuvia SAndak, 16, was k

24-year-old settler from Givat Ronen arrested after assaulting soldiers

The troops used riot control measures and to disperse the stone throwers, one of whom approached a soldier and shoved him before being arrested. The same individual was carrying a gun.

Settlers mark 30 days since Sandak's death, protest throughout West Bank

In one incident, a five-year-old Palestinian boy was injured after the vehicle he was in was stoned by settlers near the Givat Asaf junction.

High Court rejects Honenu attack on police probe of Ahuvia Sandak case

A three-justice panel including some of the court's most conservative justices supported the police approach of having the incident analyzed by two separate divisions of law enforcement.

An Israeli soldier stand guard at a bus station near the scene where a stolen car broke through a po

Gantz denounces terror, condemns settler attack on Golani officer

One of the refusers turned violent against one of the officers, who issued a formal complaint following the altercation. According to an IDF spokesperson, he was punched several times.

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