Arab Israeli conflict

Israeli forces kill gunman, teacher in West Bank raid, Palestinians say

Violence in the West Bank has surged over the past year, following stepped-up raids by Israel in response to a spate of Palestinian street attacks in its cities.


Ben-Gvir, police prepare for release of terrorist Maher Younis after 40 years

The police plans to prevent a repetition of the celebrations after the recent release of his cousin Karim Younis from prison.

Where does the IDF rank amongst the world's strongest militaries? - report

Israel is a tiny country whose military punches far above its weight class. But how does it compare to its neighbors, its enemies and the world's top military powers?

By Sam Halpern

Gun dealer kills Arab customer after refusing sale based on race

Investigators discovered that the seller had refused to sell the air rifle to the young man because he was Arab.

By Karin Sagi/Walla

Netanyahu's government will violate the civil and human rights of Israelis - opinion

We all want good governance and law and order but we also want justice and there can be no real justice without full equality.

New documentary features Israelis, Palestinians who have lost family to conflict

The film advocates for the idea that in order to have any hope of peace, both sides must be able to see both the pain and the humanity of the other.

By Sam Halpern

Pro-Palestinian activists break into Israel-affiliated weapons factory in Wales

Many officers were called to the scene as technology and property was smashed.


Modern-day Zionists must focus on goals early Zionists set for the Jewish nation - opinion

Many Zionists fight the battle of Israel’s legitimacy, arguing over issues like Israel’s right to exist, the Jewish people’s right to a state, and the IDF's right to defend itself against enemies.

The extremes of the Arab world’s approach to Israel

REGIONAL AFFAIRS: Journalist Ohad Hemo describes covering the World Cup in Qatar and his adventures with Iranians and Palestinians.

US must push to defund the UN's COI against Israel - 49 Congress members

Last year the US and Israel tried and failed to defund the COI, although they were able to reduce its budget by close to 25%.

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