Earthquake in Israel

After Morocco, Israel could be next to suffer massive earthquake

Israel is located at the juncture of the African and Arabian tectonic plates and, therefore, faces an elevated seismic threat. Experts say a major earthquake is not a matter of if, but when.

It's time the gov't push forward preparedness on infrastructure for earthquakes - editorial

Many Israeli cities vulnerable to earthquakes are unprepared and have unfortified buildings and schools.

Defense Ministry runs earthquake drill on receiving emergency global aid

Almost none of Israel's 80,000 buildings are capable to withstand a major quake.

Israeli experts: $10b. needed to reinforce buildings before next big earthquake

The Israeli government needs to plan to strengthen 800,000 buildings and critical infrastructure before it’s too late, experts warn.


LGBTQ+ community to blame for earthquakes, prominent Israeli rabbi claims

Rabbi Amar said that the earthquakes that have struck Israel are a direct result of the rise in LGBTQ+ rights in Israel.

MK Mickey Levy spearheads Israel earthquake preparedness

According to the Education Ministry, 1,600 schools are at risk of collapse in the event of an earthquake and only 87 have been reinforced. 

Vehicles drive along a road in the Jordan Valley

Israel hit with two earthquakes in five hours, felt in Lebanon and Syria

The earthquake's hypocenter was located some 20 km. southeast of the West Bank city of Ariel, in the Jordan Valley.

Israel won't be ready for a large earthquake for over a decade - source

There is a government plan to improve the structural integrity of buildings to protect from earthquakes, but it isn't really being carried out, a top official said.

How can you stay safe during an earthquake? Home Front Command explains

The guidelines issued by the Home Front Command cover a variety of bases, including what to do if you're inside a building, inside a vehicle or on a beach.

Second 7.5 magnitude earthquake hits Turkey, Syria hours after first

About 2,600 people were killed in the earthquake Monday morning. In Israel, residents of the Tel Aviv area, Beit She'an and Jerusalem reported feeling the aftershock tremors of the earthquake.

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