earthquake in israel

Earthquake in northern Israel - 'felt like a bomb,' residents

People in Afula, Nazereth and Migdal Haemek in the North said they also heard loud explosions.

Map of Israeli marks out higher and lower risk areas in face of an earthquake
MK’s quake explanation may trigger bigger one for Israel-Diaspora ties

MK Yinon Azoulay (Shas), took the occasion of the quakes to inform his colleagues that Reform Jews “are not Jews.”

Emergency rescue teams practice evacuating the Knesset as part of earthquake drill.
Safety tips to follow before, during and after an earthquake

Especially for those living in Israel's north, it may be wise to take precautionary measures in case a larger quake hits.

Estimate: 80,000 buildings in danger of collapsing in face of earthquake

Earthquakes are Israel’s biggest security threat, Jackie Levy told the ‘Post.’

Sea of Galilee
Emergency meeting to be held on earthquake preparedness

Dozens of earthquakes have rattled northern Israel in recent days.

City of Safed
Three minor earthquakes hit Israel, serious one only a matter of time

Professor: Israelis should stock up in preparation for big quake.

Scuffle at Western Wall
‘Earthquake caused by Reform, Conservative Jews’ says Shas MK

“Listen to our pain, they are not Jews," said Shas MK Yinon Azoulai

A man rides past the remains of a building in Darbandikhanm, Kurdistan, after a 7.2 magnitude earthq
Is Israel ready for the next big earthquake?

Tamir Levy, chief engineer for the Association for Better Housing, warns that most homes would not withstand a powerful earthquake.

A building being demolished by Tama 38 in Ramat Gan
Homes in Israel's periphery dangerously under-prepared for earthquakes

Thousands of families in places like Arad, Tiberias and communities close to the Jordan River are unprotected in the event of a natural disaster.

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