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A cooperative approach to combating Hamas disinformation

If they were not already clear, the real-world consequences of coordinated disinformation campaigns became abundantly obvious on January 6.


Amid coronavirus, fake news works overtime - opinion

Disinformation has become so clever and sophisticated that individuals are unable to defend against it on their own.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu attacks "Fake News" outlets on Facebook, March 26th, 2018.

Anti-vax Facebook group attracts thousands, shut down twice

Its members are insisting: "We are not anti-vaxxers"

Hadassah Medical Center medical staff member receives the second round of the Covid-19 vaccine, at t

Doctor censured for hinting 'vaccine-induced psychosis' led to murder

"It is expected that healthcare workers will be careful not to disseminate fake news," said the Health Ministry.


Guardian columnist fired after controversial tweet about Israel

Nathan J. Robinson has since taken upon himself the mission of exposing what he sees as unjustified punishment for making "a joke tweet".

An Orthodox Jewish woman is seen in a Brooklyn neighborhood on September 29, 2020 in New York.

For Orthodox women, vaccines and variants breed confusion and fear

In a community where childbearing and mothering are marks of status among women, the two developments brought the pandemic’s seriousness home for many of the town’s young mothers.


Health Ministry combats vaccine 'fake news,' no-show vaccine appointments

In response to the "fake news" phenomenon, the Health Ministry has launched a special team that will combat the false information found online and in the public space.

Haredi newspaper photoshopped masks onto rabbis

Hamodia, which is a widely read ultra-Orthodox newspaper, photoshopped masks onto several rabbis.

Has fake news hijacked the 2020 presidential election?

“Inside this echo chamber you are only exposed to your own opinions and that is very unhealthy for democracy."

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