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Until now, and despite the heavy roadworks which started three weeks ago, drivers who used the public lanes in the city entrance area were not fined. But this “party” is over.

GRAPEVINE: Dialoguing with Dvir

“Dvir Sorek, 19, who was stabbed to death, was one of the participants in this discussion group. In no way we can imagine that someone we met yesterday will be the victim of tomorrow."

Jerusalem Sam Spiegel Film School
Sam Spiegel named one of top film schools by Hollywood

The Hollywood Reporter named the Jerusalem Sam Spiegel Film School as one of the top 15 international film schools in the world.

Grapevine: Exiled?

SIGNING OFF from his early morning broadcast last Sunday, veteran Reshet Bet current affairs anchorman Aryeh Golan lamented that he was still stuck in Modi’in. “Not yet Jerusalem,” he sighed.

How willing are Israelis to release their hold on the steering wheel?

Jerusalem Gateway Project: “We reckon that around 1,000 vehicles pass through the spot an hour, at peak times – that is if people’s driving habits don’t change.”

GRAPEVINE: Joy in the face of adversity

Max Borger, the son of Iris and Elie Borger of Teaneck, New Jersey, proved last Saturday that there is still hope for the young generation of American Jews.

Traffic chaos feared as key Jerusalem route set to close
Traffic chaos feared as key Jerusalem route set to close

"There is already terrible traffic across the city, and now there'll be even more," Yasser Tabiya, a Jerusalem-based taxi driver said.

MK Merav Mikhaeli and mother Susie Kastner light a candle for Rudolph Kastner in Knesset ceremony
GRAPEVINE: Talbiyeh tale

ONE OF the more historic properties in Talbiyeh is up for sale with a NIS 30 million price tag.

10 dishes for 10 years

The food in the special gala dinner was indeed delicious and innovative - showcasing the chef’s exceptional technique and inspiration.

Eighteen fruitful years

“Rabbi Lau synthesized Torah and humanity in a natural way, which is a lesson I will take with me.”

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