The message is clear: Turkey is invading Kurdistan and killing Kurds

There will be no peace for victims until Turkey is held accountable for its criminal actions now and in the past

A demonstrator carries an Iraqi flag as he walks near burning tires blocking a road during ongoing a
Murder of Iraqi commentator al-Hashimi is a blow for the region - analysis

In Iraq, media and commentators are still vulnerable to the language of the bullet rather than the language of debate.

Turkey, Erdogan's arc of destabilization in the Middle East

BEHIND THE LINES: What does this flurry of overt and semi-covert Turkish regional military assertion amount to? Can a common theme be established?

Growing controversy over Turkey’s invasion of northern Iraq

Turkey has had almost a year of near-constant new conflicts and militarist sabre-rattling.

Bolton’s book reveals: Trump was first anti-Kurdish US president

The American president, according to former national security adviser John Bolton, is actually anti-Kurdish and dislikes a minority group in the Middle East that has been consistently pro-American.

After Trump's betrayal, unity among Syrian Kurds is timely – opinion

Syrian Kurds are now happy and hopeful after the two main Kurdish political parties reached an initial agreement on the common political vision and Kurdish unity.

Bolton’s book holds key to how US gave Middle East priority to Turkey

Bolton’s account is important because it illustrates a unique time in US history in the Middle East.

Syrian Kurds try hard for unity amid threats and pressure

The Syrian Kurds have been holding talks between the Democratic Union Party (PYD), which plays the major role administering eastern Syria.

Kurdish terrorist attack kills four in southeast Turkey

The governor's office said the explosives were planted and detonated by members of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK).

Turkey, Iran strike village in Erbil, Iraq - report

"We suspect that the two sides are in coordination, because this is the first time that Turkey has bombed this region."

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