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Mahdi Army

Iranian-backed militias accused of targeting Kurds in Iraq

There were no losses among the Kurdish forces.

Iran, Kurdish regions prepare for Nowruz festival

As it occurs around the same time as Passover the seven symbolic items of the Haftseen table, which include an apple, garlic, wheat and other things, can draw comparisons to the Passover plate.

Turkey's pro-Kurdish party to survive probe into terror links -analysts

The pro-Kurdish Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) has played crucial roles in recent elections, leading to key losses for the Turkish president’s party.


Hijacking, riots and explosions: Iran’s regime tested amid tensions

Iran is also cracking down on Kurdish activists, particularly women.

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan attends a meeting of his ruling AK Party via video link in Ankara,

Radicalization of Turkey's schoolbooks shows Erdoğan's grip on power increasing

"The real meaning of jihad is loving our country, homeland and to act accordingly in order to achieve national unity and togetherness."

Thikran Kamiran Yousif, 22, visits his father's grave in Kojo, Iraq February 7, 2021.

Middle East needs to learn lessons from the Holocaust - opinion

One lesson is for sure: We must never see the unnecessary and brutal, inhumane deaths of millions of innocent human beings again. But we continue to, across the region, from the Kurds to the Yazidis.


Turkey to shut down pro-Kurdish opposition party - ruling party official

The third largest party in parliament, it has also faced a barrage of legal bids to lift the parliamentary immunity of its lawmakers.


Iran and Turkey appear to be on collision course in Iraq - analysis

It appears that Iran, having helped the Iraqi government grab Sinjar from the Kurdistan region, doesn’t want Turkey entering Sinjar now.

How the West betrayed Turkish democracy amid crackdown on HDP - analysis

The betrayal of Turkey’s democratic activists has been a long, slow process.

Yazidis' region is in Turkey and Iran’s crosshairs after genocide

Warmongering from Ankara appears to be in line with its need to keep attacking Iraq and Syria using “fighting terrorism” as an excuse.

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