Smotrich, Deri Laws pass first reading in Knesset plenum, votes counted 63-52

A-G: Legislative blitz does not guarantee minority rights

marijuana israel tel aviv

Germany to legalize cannabis use for recreational purposes

Germany will follow in the footsteps of other legalized countries, such as Malta.


US House passed legislation against the use of semi-automatic rifles

US House of Representatives on Friday night passed legislation banning the use of semi-automatic rifles that have been used in mass shootings.


Knesset dispersal stalls over party funding law

MKs differ with respect to the reasons behind their opposition to the bill, and some are attempting to use the law as leverage to force an earlier election date.

Opposition obstruction delays US visa waiver for Israel

In order to vote in favor of the legislation, the opposition demanded that the election date be moved up.

Israel US flags

Bill to exempt US-Israel citizens from paying social security for both countries

A new bill hopes to allow US citizens in Israel to be exempt from paying double social security sums.

Opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu is seen at the Knesset, on July 12, 2021.

Bill allowing court removal of social media incitement passes prelim hearing

The legislation would allow removal of posts inciting violence, but also content ‘endangering mental health’ which opposition parties say is too broad.

A U.S. flag hangs on a tree trunk amid the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak in Keene, New Ham

New Hampshire legislature leaders condemn antisemitism among state reps

“It is unacceptable that any member of this historic legislative body is involved in perpetuating hate in any form.”

By Jordyn Haime/JTA

Religious Services Minister plans law to exempt rabbis from political comments restrictions

Minister Matan Kahana's comments were criticized since municipal chief rabbis are in effect never subject to disciplinary procedures despite gross violations of the regulations.

New British legislation considers Get refusal as domestic abuse

A new act in the UK targeting Jewish husbands who refuse to provide religious divorces to their wives is expected to lower the number of Jewish women held in a state of religious marriage limbo.

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