Naftali Bennett

Bennett: Save your family's elders – don't eat with them on Rosh Hashanah

He said it would be a "mistake to have a meal" with the elders of the family, due to the amount of potential carriers in the country.

How Naftali Bennett emerged as Netanyahu's chief rival on the Right

POLITICAL AFFAIRS: For the first time ever in Netanyahu’s more than three decades in politics, the main alternative to his Likud was now a party on the Right.

Naftali Bennett
Yamina jumps to 21 seats, Likud leads with 31 seats - poll

32% of respondents replied that Netanyahu would be the best prime minister, while 27% said they didn't know and 18% said that Bennett would be the best option.

Moshe Lion: I've received Emirati offers to invest in East Jerusalem

"We have so much to offer, beyond just the Temple Mount," Moshe Lion added.

Poll finds public thinks Netanyahu won political fight

The poll asked 537 respondents representing a statistical sample of the Israeli adult population on Wednesday who the main victor was in the standoff.

Shaked: Netanyahu’s annexation talk is just spin, and we all know it

The UAE deal opened up the possibility of a peace deal with Israel and the Arab world, but appeared to bury the possibility of annexation.

This poster, calling on people to sign a petition demanding the reopening of facilities for youth at
Israel shuttering programs for at-risk youth due to budget crisis

The Education Ministry announced in July that the youth programs would be frozen due to the budget crisis and a lack of about NIS 4 billion needed for the programs.

Why we should bring back Naftali Bennett

What so impresses me is that even when Bennett’s wise suggestions were at first rejected, he did not react angrily or childishly.

Unity begins at home with the establishment of a right-wing government

Netanyahu rightfully calls upon authorities to respect the will of the people who voted for him. Those voters were also assured Bennett’s party would part of the government.

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