Rafael Advanced Defense Systems

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Rafael Advanced Defense Systems' Seabreaker precision missile

Will Rafael’s quantum research change the face of submarine, aerial, and networked warfare?

Quantum official tells ‘Post’ what to expect next in defense arena.

MagicFly: The nano-drone based on flies that helps the IDF during war

The new autonomous systems unveiled by Rafael Advanced Defense System also includes a robotic snake and robotic dog.

Israel at the Dubai Air Show symbolizes new Middle East - analysis

The real story of the Dubai Air Show is the role Israeli companies play in the growing regional partnerships of the Middle East.

Rafael Advanced Defense Systems' Seabreaker precision missile

Israeli company ‘Rafael’ to present at the Dubai Air Show 2021

Rafael Advanced Defense Systems hopes to showcase its aerial defense systems, as well as its satellite intelligence and communications systems, at this year’s Dubai air show.

Rafael: AI transforming weapons from 'hard worker to decision maker'

“We can offer the highest technology,” said Brig.-Gen. (res.) Ariel Karo.

Israel and France launch nanosatellite to monitor vegetation, predict weather

Meet the VENµS probe, which conducts routine flybys of the Earth, and attains high resolution, multispectral images of specific sites around the world.

Lockheed Martin, Rafael Advanced Defense Systems to make new laser weapon

The two companies will work together to develop a ground-based laser weapon system.

Iron Dome: The inside story

Iron Dome shot down 1,428 rockets headed toward populated areas, an interception rate of 95%. Some 60–70 rockets hit populated areas.

Rafael Advanced Defense Systems' Seabreaker precision missile

WATCH: Rafael unveils Seabreaker, a new missile with 300 km range

The 5th generation missile can be launched from the sea or the ground and hit targets 300km away with precision.

People pose in front of a display showing the word 'cyber' in binary code, in this picture illustrat

Rafael sets up cyber consortium to defend critical infrastructure

Iranian attack on Israel's water supply led Rafael to form the consortium with 12 leading cyber companies.

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