Harasser of Holocaust survivor nearly car rams Iran protesters in Toronto

An anti-Israel and pro-Iranian regime activist, Firas al Najim “drove at a high rate of speed in the direction of a crowd of people,” said police.

The University of Toronto has an antisemitism problem -opinion

The Temerty Faculty of Medicine’s failure to push back against antisemitism in the present makes the University of Toronto’s apology for the past less credible and sincere.


Webb reveals a galaxy sparkling with the universe’s oldest star clusters

The Milky Way, our galaxy, has about 150 globular clusters. Their history is not yet well understood by astronomers, and measuring their age can be extremely difficult. 

Police officers stand in line to separate protesters supporting the Palestinians from a small group

Support for Palestinians reason for lost Canada party leader race - Brown

Canadian politician Patrick Brown told a controversial activist that one of the reasons he had been disqualified for Conservative Party leadership was his support for Palestinians.

Toronto activist dressed as Jew harasses Holocaust survivor about Israel

"If you're a Holocaust survivor, why do you support oppression? Why do you support people who are killing?" Firas al Najim demanded of an elderly woman.

Police officers stand in line to separate protesters supporting the Palestinians from a small group

'Al-Nabulsi, we'll carry your legacy,' Canada activists praise terrorist

"There is only one solution, Intifada revolution," chanted protestors in Ottawa. Ibrahim al-Nablusi was responsible for several terrorist attacks in Israel.

'Shoot a Jew in the head' graffiti suspect arrested in Toronto

In June, graffiti was discovered that depicted a dead Jew with a kippa and sidelocks in a gun scope's crosshairs.

Pro-Palestinians, pro-Israelis clash on Canada Day at kosher stores

The pro-Palestinian protestors had gone to the plaza to confront the former leader of the Canadian JDL.

Government funded Canada Muslim org hosts anti-LGBTQ, pro-terrorism speakers

One speaker has said in the past that all homosexuals deserve the death penalty, and another praised terrorist attacks from the recent terrorism wave in Israel.

Peace, prosperity for Israelis & Palestinians -opinion

From our perspective, our collective responsibility as Canadian students must be to fight for the rights of Israelis and Palestinians alike and seek justice for both peoples.

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