Nature and Parks Authority

Hundreds of African frogs found illegally kept in shoe store

The amphibians were being kept for trade in a store posing as a cobbler.

Wounded green sea turtle Kfir returning to the Mediterranean Sea.
Wounded turtle Kfir returns to sea after treatment in Israel

Kfir's injuries were likely caused by a shockwave from an underwater explosion.

Israeli hikers turn Lifta natural spring into bubble bath

Inspectors from Israel's Nature and Parks Authority are currently investigating the incident.

Eight dehydrated hikers rescued amid heatwave

Due to the heatwave, the National Parks Authority closed down some of the national parks in the interest of keeping trekkers safe, advising them to stay out of open areas with no shade.

Election holiday: 150,000 Israelis take to the outdoors amid coronavirus

"Go and vote at home, and then bring your children out to vote with us," a National Parks Authority representative said regarding fake polling stations set up in some parks for children.

Dolphins play with naval vessel off Israeli coast

"Israel's beaches have been designated as an important habitat for this endangered spiecies," Guy Levian, an inspector from the Authority, said.

Eilat-Ashkelon pipeline company to pay NIS 100 million for oil spill

On December 3, 2014, 5 million liters of oil spilled close to the town of Be’er Ora, approximately 20 km. north of Eilat, and badly damaged the Evrona Nature Reserve.

New historical site in the West Bank opens for Sukkot

The Israeli park authority and Israeli civil administration have opened new ways to travel in the West Bank.

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