idf drone

Parts of a drone which fell on Beirut on August 25, 2019.
Explosive-laden drones targeted precision missile tech in Beirut - report

Group says drone had 5.5 kilo of C4 explosives; Hezbollah militants killed in Israeli strike on Syria were childhood friends.

U.S. Department of Defense eyeing Israeli suicide drone

Produced by UVision, the Hero-120 has a range of 40km and can carry a 3.5kg warhead

Israel's new "Shoko drone" can drop bags of skunk water on protesters
Shoko drone ready to douse rioters in skunk water

The Defense Ministry developed the drone to enable the IDF to control and disperse crowds via non-violent means.

A display of missiles and a portrait of Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei in Tehran
Former Mossad chief: We must take the Iranian threats very seriously

Yatom says the Iranian drone Israel shot down was an exact replica of a US drone that fell in Iran.

The Iranian drone: When advanced technology comes back to bite us

Iran, Hezbollah and others have increasingly used drones – a technology significantly promoted by both the US and Israel.

Israel’s eye in the sky is crossing deeper into enemy territory

The new version of the IDF’s Skylark will be able to fly further and send back higher-resolution pictures.

Special report: Israel unprepared for terror, domestic drone threats

The IDF “has not developed a complete response” and “needs to immediately carry out more preparatory work” to address the issue.

Israel's Eitan Drone
Israel Air Force upgrading its long-range strategic Eitan drone

Upgrades would bring the drone to the scale of the high-altitude long-range Global Hawk drone.

The IDF Hermes 900 Kochav Drone
WATCH: Air Force declares full operational capability of upgraded drone

Hermes 900 "Kochav" drone had its first flight during Operation Protective Edge in 2014 over the skies of the Gaza Strip.

Israeli "Skylark" drone crash site inIsraeli "Skylark" drone crash site in Lebanon, May 2017.
IDF drone crashes in West Bank

Incident marks the Sixth crash of a Sky Rider drone this year

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