What to cook for an Israeli-inspired Thanksgiving

When Middle East cuisine meets American tradition.

Pascale Perez-Rubin with pastry chef Moshe Galperin
Pascale’s Kitchen: Multicolored pasta

I recently received a call from pastry chef Moshe Galperin, who asked me if I was interested in hosting one of his pasta-making Zoom workshops in my very own kitchen.

‘The Chicken Soup Manifesto’ features many recipes from around the world

“It’s chicken soup! It should be fun! Explore, learn … it’s a great way to travel.”

Almond Torte
Pascale’s Kitchen: Yom Kippur fast, before & after

Yom Kippur brings with it the time to prepare two special meals: One before and one just after this holy day.

Pascale's Kitchen: Recipes for a festive Rosh Hashanah meal

Some things just don't change, like our excitement to prepare special dishes for our Rosh Hashanah meals.

Pascale's Kitchen: Traditional North-African couscous

The process of preparing couscous might be a bit complicated, but it does have the advantage of all being cooked together at the same time with the soup, at the end of which you have an entire meal.

Pascale's Kitchen: Popsicles for sunny days

These recipes are a great alternative to buying mass-made Popsicles at the corner store.

Pascale's Kitchen: One-pot meals

The secret to the success of one-pot meals is cooking them for a few hours in the oven at extremely low temperatures.

Pascale's Kitchen: The wonderful world of Paula Rosenberg

In addition to her show, Paula offers nutrition workshops out of her clinic during which she helps people carry out life-altering processes.

Pascale's Kitchen: Spicy salads

To make these salads properly, continue cooking the vegetables until all the water has been absorbed and a strong spicy aroma wafts from the pot.

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