Shabbat is the Jewish day of rest which takes place on Saturday, the seventh day of the week. On this day, Jews remember the Genesis' 6-day creation of the heavens and the earth. Observers of Shabbat refrain from work activities and do not use electricity. Shabbat begins before sunset on Friday evening and ends when three-stars can be found in the sky on Saturday night. A Friday night meal is traditionally eaten with the ushering in of Shabbat, during which a kiddush and a blessing over challah are recited. The havdalah blessing on Saturday night concludes the Shabbat, marking the the separation between the sacred day and the workweek.
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Likud parliament member Miki Zohar reacts during an arrangements committee meeting at the Knesset, t

Netanyahu overrides Zohar, says Shabbat cultural activities will not change

Culture and Sports Minister MK Miki Zohar defended his actions after receiving criticism for freezing events on Shabbat.

Miki Zohar

Gov't freezing subsidized cultural events on Shabbat

The initiative behind the subsidized events included a special budget to make them accessible for those who observe Shabbat.

Parashat Shemot: Orthodox Jews & ‘tikkun olam’

The common thread of all these stories is Moshe’s compassion for the underdog and his moral indignation toward injustice.


January 15: Remembering the Colleyville, Texas synagogue hostage crisis - opinion

I urge you this Sabbath to heed the lessons of January 15 and the Holocaust that if Jews have survived the worst of humanity, they are also somehow capable of demonstrating the best of humanity.


Train work on Shabbat to be reduced, Miri Regev announces

"Lifesaving" work will be conducted on Shabbat by non-Jews, according to an official present at a meeting with the transportation minister.

Most Israelis trust local government over Knesset - survey

A majority of Israelis think local municipalities should be given more authority to better heal the divisions in Israeli society.


The Cave of the Patriarchs: Thousands participate in a ceremony led by Rabbi Yoel Pinto

The Cave of the Patriarchs was filled to the brim yesterday | Thousands came to participate in a prayer ceremony led by Rabbi Yoel Pinto | The Admor Rabbi Pinto sent his blessings and support.

By Haim Lavie

Goldknopf to Regev: End train-track construction work on Shabbat

Housing Minister Moshe Goldknopf asserted that the construction contradicts the coalition agreements signed between UTJ and the Likud.

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