Congressman urges NBA to drop age minimum

A congressman wants the NBA to repeal its requirement that players be at least 19 years old and a year out of high school before entering the league, calling the restriction unfair. Rep. Steve Cohen sent identical letters to NBA commissioner David Stern and union leader Billy Hunter, asking that they scrap the requirement in the next collective bargaining agreement. Cohen, a member of the House of Representatives judiciary committee, on Wednesday called the requirement "an unfair restriction on the rights of these young men to pursue their intended career." In an e-mail, NBA spokesman Tim Frank said, "We are looking forward to receiving, reviewing and responding to the congressman's letter, as we always do." The players union did not respond to requests for comment. Stern has said he wouldn't mind if the new agreement pushed the minimum age to 20 - although he was happy the way the current rule was working. The current agreement runs through 2011.