Israeli envoy to UN demands end to Palestinian incitement

Outgoing Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations, Ron Prosor, conveyed to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon and the UN Security Council on Monday that Israel was concerned over the recent wave of terrorist attacks against Israeli civilians in Jerusalem and the West Bank.
"Just this week, [Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud] Abbas argued before the  UN General Assembly that the Palestinians are working towards peace," and yet "families are being murdered on their way back from holiday events," Prosor said.
"Is this the peace he was talking about?" Prosor asked.
Prosor said that the Palestinian leadership was responsible for the recent escalation in violence, and blasted the PA for failing to condemn the killing of four Israeli civilians in multiple terrorist attacks.
"Palestinians must bear the responsibility for their incitement" against Israelis, Prosor said. "Instead of calming the situation, the Palestinians have refused to denounce the attacks and have chosen to escalate instead," he added.
He concluded by demanding that  Ban call for an end to Palestinian incitement.
"You need to let them know that their words are fanning the flames of hatred," and added, "before the bodies of more Israeli victims are collected."