Thinking about traveling this summer? Here are some cheaper cities to visit in Europe

With summer approaching, many are beginning to plan their next vacation abroad with the aim to stay on a lower budget.

Travel during corona (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
Travel during corona
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)

Summer is approaching and many are planning their next vacation abroad, aiming to minimize their expected expenses on the trip as much as possible. 

To that end, we have gathered for you some stunning and interesting destinations in Europe, where the cost of living is significantly cheaper than in Israel and the rest of the continent.

Riga, Latvia

The Latvian capital is the largest city in the country and is known for its well-preserved medieval Old Town, with impressive architecture and rich culture.

Riga's historic center is a UNESCO World Heritage site and includes numerous churches, museums and other cultural landmarks. It has now become one of the most affordable vacation destinations in Europe that is not fully appreciated on the continent.

 A PORTUGUESE passport conveys all the benefits of a standard EU passport. (credit: KARIN ASIA)
A PORTUGUESE passport conveys all the benefits of a standard EU passport. (credit: KARIN ASIA)

If you're interested in exploring interesting activities in Riga, you can explore the Old Town on foot, stroll along the narrow streets with impressive colorful buildings, visit the central market, which is one of the largest markets in Europe, and also drop by the Latvian National Museum of Art, which houses a vast collection of local and international art.

Lisbon, Portugal

The Portuguese capital is known for its architecture, vibrant cultural scene and amazing cuisine. Its origins date back to the Roman EMpire and it has been shaped by various cultures throughout the centuries, including the Romans.

Portugal is one of the best summer destinations in Europe to visit due to its wide range of attractions, beautiful landscapes and comfortable weather throughout the year. 

Among the leading attractions, there is the historic Belem Tower, the Jeronimos Monastery and the Sao Jorge Castle, all of which offer amazing views of the city. The Old Town also features narrow cobblestone streets, trendy cafes and bustling bars. 

Lisbon's culinary scene is also abundant, with must-try dishes such as seafood, pastries and wine.

Budapest, Hungary

The city located on the banks of the Danube River is known for its impressive architecture, rich history and cultural scene. The top tourist destinations in Budapest include the Fisherman's Bastion, the Buda Castle and the Hungarian Parliament building.

The city is also one of the most cost-effective places to visit in Europe. Fortunately, if you have a tight budget, there are plenty of free tourist attractions in Budapest.

One of the sought-after attractions is the Chain Bridge, which connects Buda and Pest and provides visitors with a panoramic view of the Danube River and the city's skyline. Another worthwhile attraction is St. Stephen's Basilica, featuring stunning architecture. 

Budapest's Great Synagogue: 'In Europe,' I could always tell where the synagogues and Jewish schools were located because they were protected by concrete barriers and heavily armed police.'  (credit: LENNART TANGE/FLICKR)
Budapest's Great Synagogue: 'In Europe,' I could always tell where the synagogues and Jewish schools were located because they were protected by concrete barriers and heavily armed police.' (credit: LENNART TANGE/FLICKR)

In addition, the Dohany Street Synagogue is the largest synagogue in Europe and offers a glimpse into the Jewish history of Budapest.

Krakow, Poland

The city known for its rich history, architecture and culture in southern Poland is one of the most affordable places to visit in Europe for a vacation

Krakow boasts a well-preserved Old Town that has been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1978. The city is also home to several of Europe's most interesting sites, including prominent landmarks such as Wawel Castle, St. Mary's Basilica and the main square, Rynek Główny.

Krakow is a reasonably priced destination, partly due to the low cost of living compared to other European cities. This means affordable food, accommodation and attractions. Moreover, there are numerous free or low-cost attractions to visit, such as wandering through the Old Town, taking a tour of the Kazimierz Jewish Quarter, or going on a walking trip in the nearby Tatra Mountains.

Bratislava, Slovakia

The capital city situated on the banks of the Danube River is also known as one of the most cost-effective destinations in Europe for a vacation. The Slovakian capital takes pride in its rich history dating back to the Roman Empire. It has been shaped by many different cultures and empires over time, including the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

Among the top attractions in Bratislava is the Old Town, which has been well preserved and includes medieval architecture, narrow cobblestoned streets and charming squares. Another must-see attraction is the Bratislava Castle, located on a hill that provides breathtaking views of the city and the surrounding countryside.

The Slovak National Gallery is also worth a visit, as it boasts an extensive collection of Slovak and European art.

Sofia, Bulgaria

The city is located between the Vitosha mountain range in western Bulgaria and is the capital of the country and tis largest city. The city is extremely cheap and offers a visit to historical places with roots going back thousands of years that were shaped by many cultures and empires.

The city offers many attractions at reasonable prices and even for free to visitors, including the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, the National Palace of Culture and the Central Market. The local cuisine is delicious and cheap and offers traditional Bulgarian dishes.

Sofia itself is an excellent choice for budget vacationers looking for an inexpensive European destination with plenty of cultural and historical landmarks to explore. Since Sofia is still under the radar, it's a great option for travelers looking to visit less crowded places for their next summer vacation in Europe.

Belgrad, Serbia

The Serbian capital is a stunning city with a rich historical heritage combined with a vibrant contemporary culture. With plenty of attractions to suit every traveler's taste, the city offers something for everyone. The magnificent Belgrade Fortress presents breathtaking panoramic views, and the peaceful Kalmagdan Park provides a quiet retreat. 

In the Old City, you can tour the main pedestrian street with many shops, cafes and architectural gems.

Travelers with a low budget will be able to spend time in several attractions such as the Nikola Tesla Museum and the Museum of the History of Yugoslavia. In addition, the city's dynamic street art, local markets and the bohemian quarter of Skadarlia ensure a unique visit to the city.

Thessaloniki, Greece

The second largest city in Greece is located in the northern part of the country and is known for its rich history and cultural heritage. The city boasts a mix of ancient and modern architecture, reflecting its diverse cultural influences over the centuries, as it was ruled by various empires, including the Romans, Byzantines and Ottomans.

Thessaloniki is a friendly and cheap destination because it offers a relatively low cost of living compared to many popular European cities, with affordable accommodation, food and transport. The city also offers plenty of free of low-cost activities, such as its historic sites, the Roman Forum, the White Tower and the Byzantine Walls.

Visitors can also take a leisurely stroll along the city's beautiful coastal promenade, shop for souvenirs at the local markets, or sample traditional Greek street food at the Modiano market.

Bucharest, Romania

The Romanian capital city is known for its distinctive combination of architectural design styles, ranging from ancient to contemporary styles. Despite its beauty and attractions, it is amazingly among the cheapest budget vacation destinations in Europe.

The city has plenty of affordable activities to do, such as a tour of the Open-Air Village Museum which showcases the lifestyle and architecture of the traditional Romanian village, the National Art Museum of Romania is another fantastic option to visit which includes a wide collection of Romanian and European art.

Valencia, Spain

Located on the east coast of Spain, Valencia is among the many affordable European destinations to visit on vacation and is known for its stunning architecture, vibrant culture and delicious cuisine.

A great way to enjoy Valencia on a budget is to explore the historic central market, where you can enjoy the local produce and dishes without breaking the bank.

Another economic attraction is the City of Arts and Sciences, a magnificent complex of avant-garde buildings where there is a planetarium, an opera house, a science museum and an aquarium. Moreover, Valencia offers various beautiful parks and gardens that can be entered for free, such as the Turia Gardens and the Botanical Garden of the University of Valencia.