Israel Air Force. Air born branch of Israel Defence Forces astablished in 1948, currently headed by Amir Eshel.

Smoked Salami: IDF kills Hezbollah commander in southern Lebanon strike

Salami belonged to Hezbollah's Nasser unit and commanded a number of terrorist attacks against IDF troops, along with civilian and military targets in Israel's north.

IDF: Terrorists hiding among evacuating Gazans identified and apprehended

The IDF Spokesperson's Unit has announced several developments, including identifying terrorists sheltering among Gazan evacuees, finding weapons caches, and destroying rocket launchers.

Rockets fly into northern Israel, IAF pounds Hezbollah

Benny Gantz issued a statement vowing to bring those evacuated from the northern border back to their homes.

 Israeli soldiers operate near the northern border with Lebanon, on February 21, 2024

Israeli engineering forces clear 30 kilometers of Lebanese border routes

Metula home struck by anti-tank missiles fired from Lebanon • IDF's Alexandroni Brigade fight along the northern border

IDF pummels terrorists in Khan Yunis, central, and northern Gaza

IDF troops across Gaza eliminated terror cells in close-quarters combat and with the aid of IAF aircraft.

Sky Dew: The high-stakes game of Israel's advanced spy balloons

After a year and a half on the ground preparing for operational service Sky Dew finally launched on Sunday morning.


Rockets shower northern Israel, IAF strikes Hezbollah command center

The IDF confirmed that numerous rockets had been fired at Israel from Lebanon.


IDF, Shin Bet kill top Islamic Jihad operative in Gaza

Israeli forces in Gaza conduct training exercises to improve search-and-rescue operations.

  Israeli forces operate in the Gaza Strip on January 2, 2023

Israel-Hamas war: IDF fights on with drones, troops on ground in Gaza

IAF drones have supported ground soldiers, helping them identify and strike terrorists awaiting attacks from inside civilian buildings.

  ISRAELI AIR Force Lieutenant ‘G’ says he always knew that he wanted to be an IAF pilot.

Meet the Israeli Air Force pilot from the US with a legacy to protect

187th Israeli Air Force pilot graduates in the midst of war on Hamas

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