incendiary balloons

incendiary balloons

The results of a fire started by an incendiary balloon over the Sukkot holiday, September 2018
Fires started by incendiary balloons in the Gaza Envelope

Many of the fires burned in empty fields and a suspicious balloon landed in the city of Sderot

Fires caused by incendiary balloons in Israel near the Gaza Strip, August 2020
Incendiary balloon launches continue, as Gaza restrictions tightened

At least 11 fires were sparked by incendiary balloons on Sunday

A firefighter attempts to extinguish a fire burning scrubland
Incendiary balloons spark 35 fires in southern Israel

Experts from the Fire and Rescue Services determined after examining the sites that all 35 fires were caused by incendiary balloons.

Incendiary balloons spark 22 fires in southern Israel

Consisting of volunteers and members from various authorities, teams spread out across various areas in southern Israel in order to contain the fires and prevent them from spreading to nearby towns.

Europe’s failed (and forgotten) Gaza monitors – opinion

Forgotten in this historical reckoning is the European Union’s role in this process, and the failure of the EU to provide the guarantees they had pledged to fulfill in 2005.

Biton tours Gaza area, visits site of anti-incendiary balloon laser system

The Lahav Or system became operational last week and is equipped with highly advanced detections capabilities that allow the system to detect and safely neutralize targets automatically.

Incendiary balloons continue to land in Israel as talks falter

An Egyptian envoy working to prevent an escalation is encountering difficulties as both Israel and Hamas are refusing to budge.

Netanyahu to South mayors: 'These acts of terror won't go unpunished'

"We will intensify the retaliation campaign if needed," Netanyahu said, adding that Israel is preparing for the possibility of military operations in Gaza, if necessary.

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