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PEOPLE INSPECT the damage after a blast east of Homs, Syria, last week, that was blamed on Israel, s
Israel’s strategy in Syria is less coherent than it seems

Defense Minister Naftali Bennett seems to have identified the expulsion of Iran from Syria as a clear and achievable goal.

A civil defense member reacts at a damaged site after an airstrike in Eastern Ghouta
Is Iran really leaving Syria?

Is it really because of Israeli airstrikes or is it more complicated?

An Israeli air force F15 fighter jet.
Report: Iranian-backed militia evacuates from Aleppo

The headquarters are being moved from within the city to a new area in the city’s outskirts due to fears of being targeted by Israeli airstrikes.

Syrian President Bashar al Assad visits Syrian army troops in war-torn northwestern Idlib province,
How Iran’s Syria project ground to a halt over six months

This has not been a good year for Iran in Syria.

Senior defense official: Iran reducing presence in Syria

Significant increase of airstrikes blamed on Israel has led Iran to reduce forces and decrease weapons smuggling by air

Iran Zafar satellite launch, Feb. 9, 2020
Iran’s new frontline with America in the Gulf and Syria

Iran wants to remove the US from Iraq and Syria while also carrying out pinprick threats in the Gulf.

Military units of the IRGC Ground Force are seen as they launched war games in the Gulf, December 22
Inside Iran’s IRGC training programs and quest to dominate MidEast

Tony Blair Institute study reveals Iran's indoctrination as Blair calls for IRGC to be listed as terrorist organization.

Miriam and Yonah Baumel hold a picture of their son Zachary Baumel, who was taken prisoner of war in
Israel to release two more Syrian prisoners in exchange for Baumel’s body

The Prime Minister’s Office authorized the release, “as a diplomatic gesture and a goodwill step, following the transfer of Zachary Baumel... from Syria to Israel" earlier this year.

U.S. President Trump speaks with Congressional Republicans at the White House in Washington
How Trump, usually cautious with military force, took such a bold step

Trump cited the same approach when he addressed the nation regarding his decision to withdraw from Syria

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