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IAI unveils latest unmanned platform

The REX MK II is an unmanned land vehicle adapted to a range of ground missions with advanced maneuverability and autonomous with command-and-control capabilities.

US holding Iran responsible for Mercer Street attack 'not a small detail'

The US report found that two drones actually attacked the Merce Street ship on July 29.

US military releases evidence Iran was behind Gulf tanker attack

An investigation led by the US Central Command has concluded that Iran was responsible for the attack on the Mercer Street which left two crew members dead; British and Israeli experts concur.

Iran presses Houthis to step up drone attacks on Saudi Arabia

The Iran-backed drone war is now threatening, or has involved Syria, Iraq, Israel, Yemen and other states in the region.

With Iranian support, drones are becoming a larger threat to Israel -analysis

Iran has pioneered drones by copying US drones, such as the Predator or Sentinel. It has also copied other drone models it has seen around the world.

Iron Dome intercepts UAVs, rockets barrage simultaneously in test

Iron Dome simultaneously intercepts drones, rockets in hi-tech leap

"These new capabilities provide the political echelon and defense establishment with the operational flexibility that is critical to our national security."


Israeli military drones dropping like flies in enemy territory

Army assures nothing to see here, and not concerned by third incident in 3 days

Heron MK II

IAI signs Heron MK II UAV sale, lease agreements with Asian country

The MK II is the most advanced model in the Heron line, can reach an altitude of 35,000 feet, a max speed of 140 knots and a max flight time of 45 hours.

An Iranian Shahed 171 drone dropping a bomb as part of a military exercise in the Gulf, in Iran

Reports say Iran has expanded ‘kamikaze drone’ base in Yemen

Tehran is very openly bragging about its UAV capabilities and regularly lists its arsenal.

UAV Operator Course graduation

IDF's UAV Operator course trainees graduate amid pandemic

The course was completed by 25 trainees, including five women.

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