Operation Swords of Iron: The first drone war in history?

The IDF extensively uses drones and small aerial vehicles as part of its operational doctrine in Gaza, Judea and Samaria, and the northern border, saving the lives of dozens, if not more, soldiers.

 IDF soldiers operate atop a tank near the Gaza border, as seen from Israel, May 21, 2024

Israel-Hamas War Day 228: What's happening in Iran, Gaza, Iraq, Syria?

Comptroller reveals IDF purchases don't pass inspection • Biden afffirms Israel not committing genocide • Total of 569 tons of humanitarian aid entered Gaza

Iraqi militia fire UAVs at Eilat, Israel intercepts suspicious aerial target above Syria

Fighter jets successfully intercepted a suspicious aerial target en route to Israeli territory from the Syrian area, according to Maariv.

 Rescue team works following a crash of a helicopter carrying Iran's President Ebrahim Raisi

Israel-Hamas War Day 227: What happened in Iran, Gaza?

Iran's President and FM confirmed to be dead • US calls on Hamas to free hostages • Sullivan visits Israel

Israel Air Force successfully shoots down two UAVs coming from the East

These interceptions are the latest of several others this week, which have been carried out against hostile threats.

What happened on Day 221?

Hamas uses UN facilities for cover • US denies it withheld information about Hamas leaders' whereabouts • IDF kills Hamas terrorists in UNRWA school

Four soldiers wounded from Lebanese anti-tank missiles

Four soldiers were rushed to the hospital for treatment for wounds caused by missile fire from Lebanon.

A drone is seen over the border between Israel and Gaza in June

US Marines official: Nearly half of drones IDF shoots down are its own

Since the IDF has one of the world's most advanced integrated air defense systems, if this is an issue for Israel’s military, it is likely to be an issue for other militaries worldwide.

Hezbollah's air defense system more sophisticated than Israel has previously thought

Israel has already tested its air defense against Iranian drones and missiles, but what are Hezbollah's air defense capabilities?

Iranian FM: Israeli weapons are ‘toys for our children to play with’

Abdollahian said that the only reason that Iran had not successfully hit Haifa, Tel Aviv or any major port was because Iran’s “red lines [were] civilians…We only had a military purpose.”

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