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Matan Kahana wants to fix Israel's divisions over religion, state

New religious services minister has set a goal of decentralizing conversion, reforming kashrut supervision and changing the electoral body for chief rabbis to ensure religious-Zionist rabbi is elected.

A BOY wrapped with Israel’s national flag is seen during a parade marking Jerusalem Day last month o

IDF ups alert among Iron Dome batteries ahead of Jerusalem flag march

Israel is bracing for potential violence in the West Bank as Palestinian groups warn against the march set to take place Tuesday.

How can Bennett succeed while managing opposing ideologies? - analysis

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett woke up Monday morning with an enormous burden on his shoulders.


Lapid to take lead over Bennett on foreign ties, peace with Arab states

Alternate prime minister lays out foreign policy agenda, improving relations with Jordan and the US Democratic Party.

Justice Minister Sa'ar: I came to fix, not to destroy

While Sa'ar promised he would advise and try to seek consensus, he made it clear he would act to make reforms he in which he believed even without consensus.

Israeli firm Upstep releases custom anti-sweat insoles for summer

Upstep insoles are made from quality raw materials with innovative technology that includes about 400 small holes on the top layer of the insole, which allow the foot to stay dry.

REA MOCHIACH will close the Israel Festival.

Rea Mochiach brings all-star band to Israel Festival

Mochiach joins a veritable roll call of A-listers joining forces on the stage of the YMCA Auditorium in Jerusalem.


Open House art event returns to Tel Aviv

Renters in the building are welcome to take advantage of these amenities as well as embrace the social atmosphere that being a member of the community guarantees.


Gantz advances investigative committee into Meron disaster

"This is a basic ethical imperative as far as the families are concerned, and no less important, there is need for an investigation to prevent future tragedies of this nature."

Haredi news site blurs out faces of new gov't's female ministers

The trend in haredi media of censoring images of women is widespread, but is also relatively recent.

Labor party MK Emilie Moatti arrives to a faction meeting at the Knesset, the Israeli parliament in

Critical vote for Israeli gov't cast by new MK despite medical condition

Emilie Moatti arrived for the vote in an ambulance and lay on a stretcher in the back of the plenum as the voting procedure got underway.

Meet Lily Horn: US concert manager who came to Israel to teach English

Through teaching students of an elementary school in Beit She'an, she was able to connect with Israeli society.

Meet Gilat Bennett, Israel's new first lady

She grew up secular, yet married the observant Naftali Bennet at 22. She is a right-wing ideologue, but clashed with Sarah Netanyahu. Everything you need to know about the new PM's wife

A map of Middle East between Africa Europe and Central Asia

Israel’s new gov’t, Jordan and the rest of the Middle East - analysis

The new Bennett-Lapid administration must abandon Netanyahu's brand of one-man diplomacy.

electricity line old

Cellcom launches energy unit, kicking off Israel's electricity revolution

Cellcom Energy has promised that customers can expect to see significant discounts in their electricity bill as well as many other energy and electricity benefits.


A photo for the record: Israel's 36th government led by Naftali Bennett

After the new government gained the confidence of the Knesset, albeit by a single vote, a cheer and applause went up in the plenum.

Liberman in first address plans two-year budget, no tax hikes

The first priority is to pass a "responsible" two-year budget for 2021-2022 with "no games," Liberman said.


Antagonism during Bennett speech ugly preview of things to come - analysis

No, a lovefest was not expected, but neither was a food fight this ugly

Defense Minister Naftali Bennett at the Defense Ministry on February 25, 2020.

Naftali Bennett: Who is Israel's new prime minister?

How did Naftali Bennett go from New York City businessman to Israel's choice for Prime Minister-designate in under two decades?

Ra'am head Mansour Abbas: 'We are fully in the coalition'

Abbas said he signed a coalition agreement, and even though there were still details that needed to be worked out, he would honor it for the entire term of the government.

Head of the Yamina party Naftali Bennett gives a press conference at the Knesset, the Israeli parlia

Can Bennett stand up to US on settlements, Palestinian state?

Bennett throughout his political career has been clear that he believes that all of Area C, where all the Israeli settlements are located should be part of sovereign Israel.

Oleh gets new start in a new home for those with special needs

Beit Finger, a residential facility for adults suffering from neurological disorders, welcomed a special new resident.

Nikki Haley: ‘Israelis deserve to be safe in their homes’

The former US ambassador to the UN is in the country on a mission organized by Christians United for Israel.

Netanyahu leaves premiership without a January 6 riot - analysis

Netanyahu did not storm the Knesset or order any of his followers to do so. He did not follow in the footsteps of his friend, US President Donald Trump, on January 6.


Israel's 36th gov't: Here is the list of new cabinet ministers

The 36th government will serve under Naftali Bennett * Yair Lapid is expected to take over as prime minister in August 27, 2023


Thousands gather at Balfour, Rabin Square to celebrate new government

"It is the time for unity among the people. For a government that will work for the citizens, will mend the rifts and put an end to the incitement and divide and conquer of the era of Netanyahu."

Israel's new coalition needs to take action to save the union - comment

The Israeli union, a delicate embroidery of ethnicities, faiths, tribes and ideas, is even more complex than what the American nation nearly tore apart 160 years ago

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and US President Joe Biden

Netanyahu picks fight with Biden in final speech as prime minister

Gantz: No political move justifies taking fight public; Bennett thanks Biden for supporting Israel in last Gaza war

Dancers perform 'Rage,' touching on facets of violence that unsettle life

The Kamea Dance Company presents ‘RAGE’ by Tamir Ginz at the Suzanne Dellal Center for Dance and Theater on June 9.


Choreographer Itzik Galili reinterprets ‘The Four Seasons’

“If there are no seasons, what would the fifth season be? I think it would be looking back at what was. In corona, we didn’t look forward at all, only back.”


Netanyahu in last Knesset speech as PM: We will topple 'dangerous gov't'

Netanyahu intends to remain opposition leader, head of Likud, and the party’s candidate for prime minister in the next election.


Hapoel Gilboa Galil looks forward to showdown with Maccabi Tel Aviv

With game one of the Finals slated for Monday night in Tel Aviv, game two is scheduled for Wednesday night in Gan Ner and game three will be played on Thursday back in Tel Aviv.

Defense Minister Naftali Bennett and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Did Bennett teach Netanyahu

Olmert to Bennett: Your job isn’t to prove you’re more Right than Bibi

Incoming prime minister Bennett’s “job is to bring calm and not fall for the provocations and violence of Likud,” Olmert said.

New government to include Druze minister after dispute

Hamed Amar to become minister in the Finance Ministry after Yisrael Beytenu MK Eli Avidar declined the post as it wasn't the position he had been hoping for.


Progress made for women, but there is still a way to go - comment

In the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) Global Gender Gap report of 2021, Israel was ranked in the low 60th spot in the world in advancing gender equality.


Bennett's full speech to Knesset - Read it here

"Benjamin and Sara Netanyahu, over the years, we have not always agreed, but we have both sacrificed much on a personal level in order to serve our people," he said.

How will new gov’t impact Bibi trial? - analysis

As long as he was prime minister, he could negotiate with the president for a pardon

Lapid cancels speech due to Likud hecklers, apologizes to his mother

"She and every other Israeli citizen is ashamed of you and has again remembered why it's time to replace you," the incoming foreign minister said in response to the incident.

Rhythmic gymnast Linoy Ashram wins gold at European championships

"I'm glad I was able to do my best. It was hard, but every day I reset myself and say - 'tomorrow I will go out and be better,' said Ashram, whose focus now is on next month's Tokyo Olympics.

The Netanyahu family

Netanyahu children to continue receiving security detail for a year

Sources indicate that the children of a prime minister usually get protection from the special "Magen" unit of the PMO, which gets directives from the Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency).

Rivlin bids Israel police farewell in moving ceremony

"In the past seven years I have learned even more about your work and the magnitude of the responsibility and my gratitude has only deepened."

Alternate Prime Minister and Minister of Defense Benny Gantz seen during a visit on the Israel-Leban

Defense Ministry appoints team to update PTSD evaluations for vets

Mental health treatment for IDF veterans has been in the spotlight since a disabled IDF war veteran set himself on fire in April in front of the Defense Ministry's Rehabilitation Division.

Bennett tells Likud hecklers: Your screams are as loud as your failure

"The loud tone of the screams is the same as the failure to govern during your term in office," Bennett snapped back at the Likud members.

Wildfires break out near Jerusalem, block traffic to Tel Aviv

Eight fire crews are currently operating at the scene to get the fire under control, and they are joined by six firefighting planes.

Yisrael Beytenu leader Avigdor Liberman

What kind of Finance Minister will Avigdor Liberman be?

Liberman's approach would help push more people to rejoin the workforce but could spell disaster for thousands of breadwinners that are still legitimately struggling to find work.


What economic legacy does Netanyahu leave behind? - analysis

As Benjamin Netanyahu concludes 12 years as Israel's prime minister, what is the legacy he leaves behind for Israel's economy?


COVID-19 and beyond: Health minister Horowitz’s top five challenges

MK Nitzan Horowitz is inheriting a ministry that suffered through a nearly year-and-a-half battle against a global pandemic.

Abbas on coalition crisis: Nothing will stop gov't swearing-in tonight

When asked if there will be a government formed on Sunday, Alharomi told reporters yes, but refused to comment on how he would vote.

Law training institution sees off pilot course

The main goal of the 'Lawyers' initiative is to develop the skills of those involved in the legal profession.

Social Equality Ministry launches app for senior citizens

The new application enables the issuance of a digital senior citizen certificate with an up-to-date photo they can upload themselves.

New government led by Bennett set to replace Netanyahu today

Netanyahu would leave office after more than 12 years in power, making him one of the longest currently serving democratic leaders in the world.


Protests at Balfour for the last time before new government is formed

Black Flag protesters reportedly filed a police complaint after several people in a car gestured at them with what appeared to be a gun ahead of the protests on Saturday evening.

History in the making: How Bennett and Lapid's brotherly bond began

In 2012 Bennett won the primary to head Bayit Yehudi, and Lapid formed his Yesh Atid party. Both parties did well in the 2013 election. That was just the beginning for them both.

Alternate Prime Minister and Minister of Defense Benny Gantz and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Net

Netanyahu offered to resign, let Benny Gantz serve as PM - report

The last offer came a little after midnight on Thursday, with Netanyahu's team reportedly telling Gantz that Netanyahu is "ready to resign this morning."

Evangelical Christians visit Israel on Passages - June 2021

'Christian Birthright’ returns to Israel

While this delegation is only a dozen young people, Passages said it plans to bring 3,000 Christian supporters to Israel by the end of summer 2022.

How long will it take Netanyahu to leave the Balfour residence?

The Balfour residence has been a central point in Israeli politics in recent years due to the Netanyahu family’s insistence on remaining in the home even in coalition negotiations.

Bennett-Lapid have to face Biden as China’s tentacles grow in Israel

Chinese company banned in US competing for Tel Aviv light rail tender to be decided in coming days.


Attempted terrorist attack stopped at Kalandiya checkpoint near Jerusalem

The terrorist's sister spent two years in prison several years ago for attempting to carry out a similar attack.

Israeli Police arrest a Palestinian protesterfollowing Right-wing politician Itamar Ben Gvir press c

Palestinian teenager killed in West Bank protests, riots continue in Acre

Some 400 protesters threw rocks and fireworks at police near Evyatar; dozens of Arabs were arrested in Acre; Three suspects arrested after Temple Mount prayers.

IDF commander discharged after Guardian of the Walls investigation

The incident took place last month during the 11-day war with Hamas after a machine gun was fired from a tank to keep three Palestinian civilians who were near the border fence from it.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu meets with Head of Mossad Yossi Cohen

Ex-Mossad chief Cohen reveals details of Mossad operation in Iran

Former Mossad head Yossi Cohen also argued that his personal connection to outgoing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu may be problematic in the future.


Resort to open at historic Golan site

Pereh offers a varied and rich menu of activities for its guests, including a restaurant, wine cellar, lounge, private banquet room, spa services and swimming pool.

Young Jewish men celebrate Jerusalem day at the Muslim Quarter in the Old City of Jerusalem, June 2,

Jerusalem flag march route finalized between organizers and Israel Police

The march will start from Hanevi'im street and go through Sultan Suliman street before arriving at Damascus Gate where mass dancing with Israeli flags will commence.

Israel's COVID pandemic ending, cyber pandemic worsening - cyber chief

By 2030, the world could lose up to $4 trillion to hackers, according to FireEye CEO John Watters.

Deadly weekend: Three dead in unconnected accidents across Israel

Two people have died after drowning at beaches in central and northern Israel, and a third is in serious condition. A man has died after a motorcycle accident near the dead sea.

Individual tourists to be allowed into Israel starting July 1

Tourism Minister Orit Farkash-Hacohen made the announcement, but a Health Ministry official said the statement was premature.


Jazz CDs: Fresh sounds and reciprocity

Yaniv Taubenhouse, Maria Grand and Ari Erev's Jazz albums are full of fresh sounds and reciprocity.


Seventh beached dolphin in Israel dies on shoreline this year

The dolphin was found by passerby's on the beach exhausted.

Gilad Schalit, former Hamas-captive, and fiancée partake in henna ceremony

As a wedding tradition, henna is a form of body art and temporary skin decoration usually drawn on hands or legs.

Bennett-Lapid gov't's first 100 days: 6 essential measures to be passed

MIDDLE ISRAEL: Like Franklin Roosevelt in 1933, the new government will have to do several things quickly and flawlessly.

The new Instagram Lite app

Instagram to allow Israeli users to open online store

Beyond this most recent update impacting Israeli users, Instagram also announced other changes and new features.

UTJ MK Ya'acov Litzman seen in the Israeli parliament on the day of the presidential elections, in J

Litzman associate suspected of taking bribe from medical cannabis company

The unnamed man was the third associate of Litzman's to be arrested within three days as part of an investigation into a wide-ranging fraud scheme in the health sector.

Gallant finalizes decision to revoke Israel Prize from pro-BDS math prof.

"His letter expresses his McCarthyist approach and by doing so, solidifies his anti-democratic legacy," Prof. Goldreich's attorney said in response to the decision.

Why was Officer X hospitalized two months before his death?

The motive behind the officer's crime was 'professional pride,' according to N12, as opposed to previous estimations of money, treason or grudge being his motive.

Israeli government to be sworn in on Sunday, coalition complete

The signing of these agreements, brings to an end two and a half years of political crisis," said incoming Prime Minister Naftali Bennett.


WATCH: Women of the Walls' prayer books ripped by haredim at Western Wall

"Dozens of prayer books were attacked this morning in an assault on Women of the Wall. This is a hate crime, plain and simple," tweeted Meretz MK Mossi Raz.

Bibi’s ‘election fraud’ claims different from Trump’s, Likud says

Likud sought to dispel the idea that Netanyahu was casting doubt on the actual results of the recent Israeli election or opposing a peaceful transfer of power.

Naftali Bennett and Yair Lapid meet with the party leaders who make up their new coalition on June 6

Coalition deals to form new anti-Netanyahu government go down to wire

So far, the only agreement signed has been between Yesh Atid and Meretz.


The haredi parties' impact on Israel's religious life under Netanyahu

Ultra-Orthodox parties have wielded heavy influence over matters of religion and state under Netanyahu’s tenure as prime minister.

Israeli comics geeks to assemble for post-COVID in-person convention

Comics-Con will arrive in Israel for the first time ever, taking place on July 9 at the Petah Tikva Museum of Art.


What will define Benjamin Netanyahu's legacy?

POLITICAL AFFAIRS: As he prepares to leave office next week, we look at Israel’s longest-standing prime minister and the indelible mark that he’s leaving on the country.


What diplomatic challenges await a Bennett-Lapid government?

DIPLOMATIC AFFAIRS: With international pressure around Jerusalem, Iran nuclear talks gaining momentum and shaky bipartisan support in the US, the new government will have to hit the ground running.

Blue-and-white absorbs learning lesson in 4-0 friendly rout at Portugal

Manchester United midfielder Bruno Fernandes was the star of the show with a brace while Ronaldo didn’t disappoint with a strike of his own.


Post-COVID-19 economic challenges facing Israel's next government

ECONOMIC AFFAIRS: Here’s a look at some of the most pressing challenges facing incoming prime minister Naftali Bennett and incoming finance minister Avigdor Liberman.


Nir Barkat: 'This is not the time for unnecessary primaries'

Barkat, who is the richest politician in Israel, funded free dinner and parking for the attendees. There were hamburgers, arais, asado, chicken, rice, noodles, fish and chips, desserts and wine.


Can the incoming gov't change Israel's approach to the Negev Bedouin?

NATIONAL AFFAIRS: The incoming government might try a different approach, actually working with Bedouin communities and seeking to legalize some houses so that they are officially on the map.

An illustration of the Tel Aviv light rail Purple Line.

Petah Tikva light rail train sets out for first test ride

The Gush Dan light rail project marked a significant milestone when official trips along the overpass route on Jabotinsky Street in Petah Tikva were officially launched.


Maccabi Ma’ale Adumim moves up to Leumit League

After defeating its only real rival, Maccabi Rehovot, two weeks ago, Ma’aleh Adumim needed to win its last two games to assure it a spot in the next division.


IDF intelligence officer's family does not want his identity revealed

IDF sees no reason to hide identity from a security standpoint

Netanyahu has no authority to halt Evyatar outpost demolition, Gantz says

The outpost was built last month by the Nahala movement near the Tapuach junction in the aftermath of the shooting death of Yehuda Guetta.

PRIME MINISTER Benjamin Netanyahu – his people skills are not normal.

Netanyahu's final days: Last weekend at Balfour or last-minute surprise?

The leak of the coalition deals was proof of sabotage attempts from within the coalition, knowledgeable sources said.


Israeli, Palestinian youth attend joint hi-tech seminar in southern Israel

Tech2Peace was founded in 2018 and works to connect young Arabs and Jews from the north, south, and the West Bank, through activities that combine hi-tech skills with dialogue.

Chess pieces

Chess tournament strengthens ties between Israel-West African countries

Over 180 people from West African countries competed in the event, including the countries of Niger and Algeria who do not have diplomatic ties with Israel. completes $6.8b. IPO

The company granted the underwriters a 30-day option to purchase up to an additional 370,000 ordinary shares at the initial public offering price, it noted.

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