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Health Ministry issues travel warning for Italy due to coronavirus

The coronavirus outbreak in Italy is the most severe in Europe, with at least 220 confirmed cases and seven deaths, most of them heavily concentrated in the northern regions of Lombardy and Veneto.

Bank of Israel holds interest rate, warns of coronavirus uncertainty

The outbreak of the coronavirus, the bank said, is casting uncertainty over a range of areas, including future economic activity both in Israel and abroad.

A MAN wraps fresh matza during Passover in Ashdod in 2016
Coronavirus could cause matzah shortage in Israel for Passover

Other retail products for the holidays are also expected to arrive late due to the virus causing massive delays of all shipping.

Green Leaf Party head encouraged by Netanyahu’s cannabis overtures

Netanyahu tweeted on Sunday that he decided to expunge the criminal records of tens of thousands of Israelis who used cannabis.

A chain, symbolic of women chained to marriage
300 Israeli women march for 24 hours in support of agunot

On Thursday, Ohr Torah Stone held its third annual “Women Moving Mountains,” a hike of 300 women to show support for agunot or 'chained women.'

Netanyahu: Mapping process has begun, sovereignty to follow

The tour also included representatives of the joint US-Israel mapping committee, of which Friedman is a member.

Attack in Syria on August 25, 2019.
Six killed in Israeli strikes against Islamic Jihad in Syria

The group's spokesperson warns that the fight isn't over

An Israeli soldier walks near the border with Lebanon, near the town of Shlomi, 2016
Israel hosts third international military doctrine conference

Over 60 delegates from 30 different armies gathered in central Israel to discuss mission command.

A-G backs probe of 5th Dimension, explains timing of Netanyahu indictment

Attorney-General Avichai Mandelblit calls focus on Harpaz Affair political.

Netanyahu vows not to pass immunity legislation if reelected PM

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu promised on Monday morning that he would not advance the so-called French Law.

Tech & Talmud: A winning combination for Haredi employment

Like most of his peers from the devout community, Shotland does spend his mornings studying talmudic tractates. Unlike them, however, he dedicates his afternoons to learning JavaScript, HTML and CSS.

Unveiling of Ashkenazi-Mandelblit pushed off, pending High Court ruling

Judge asks how Likud could expect pre-election decision

Ramming attack attempted in east Jerusalem

The Jewish resident reportedly fired in the air and the vehicle fled the scene.

12 West Bank outposts will finally be connected to electricity grid

The outposts include five in Samaria, three in the South Hebron Hills, two in Gush Etzion and two in Binyamin.

Israel team rider Rudy Barbier takes third in first stage of 2020 UAE Tour

Barbier has been on quite a hot streak lately. A gifted sprinter, he earned Israel Start-Up Nation one of their first stage wins of the season at the 2020 Vuelta a San Juan in Argentina.

Elderly people queue up for free surgical masks from a convenience store, following the outbreak of
Will Israel’s coronavirus response hurt relations with eastern Asia?

Closing Israel’s borders to travelers from China could be seen as Israel saying it does not trust Beijing to do a good job dealing with virus

A Likud party election campaign billboard depicting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is see
Likud passes Blue and White in polls

Political analysts who introduced the polls said Blue and White had fallen due to a week of negative reports regarding probes of party leader Benny Gantz’s bankrupt company The Fifth Dimension.

Sound in the Eilat sun: Red Sea Jazz Festival

The band ran the gamut of disciplines and genres, from drum and bass to heavy metal-leaning passages, straight-ahead jazz, intoxicating bluesy lines and freely structured psychedelia.

Little-known Jewish history of Sicily on display centuries after expulsion

. “After 1492, Jews had to leave the island and their possessions were sold, destroyed or reused for other purposes, as it happened to many of the Jewish sites."

Miscast, a Purim musical to challenge show-biz norms

This Purim, why not enjoy a light-hearted musical?

Coronavirus quarantine ward at Sheba Hospital in Ramat Gan
Israel’s actions against coronavirus: Radical or responsible? – analysis

This coronavirus is highly infectious and likely even much more contagious than seasonal flu.

Tel Aviv Stock Exchange reflects Israel's coronavirus nerves

Leader Capital Markets macro-economist Yonatan Katz told The Jerusalem Post that Israel is "not expected to be impacted significantly by the virus."

Former IAF pilots to Rivlin: Don’t let Netanyahu form coalition

The Sunday letter joins the Professors letter from early February.

President Reuven Rivlin at the Taronga Zoo in Sydney, Australia
Rivlin meets Australian wildlife affected by brushfires in Sydney zoo

During the visit, he met with the zoo's staff and management, as well as with koalas, kangaroos, wallabies, an echidna and even a platypus.

Netanyahu: Israel to regulate cannabis market, the Canadian way

Netanyahu was slammed over Twitter, with users joking that cannabis is needed to have faith in what he says.

Labor-Gesher-Meretz insists on using Gantz in campaign posters

Blue and White had asked for Gantz's face to be removed from the ads, alleging that they mislead voters.

Jerusalem mayor visits east Jerusalem boy who was shot in eye

Lion said "I'm taking him in my own hands, tell me what you want and you'll get it, I'll take care of him like he was my own."

The Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron
Netanyahu promises sovereignty over Hebron's Tomb of the Patriarchs

A Jewish state without the Tomb of the Patriarchs is like Washington without the Lincoln Memorial, said Defense Minister Naftali Bennett.

IDF soldiers at the demolition of Islam Yousef Abu Hamid's home al-Am’ari refugee camp, October 24 2
MK Suleiman: Israel steals body, yet says IDF world’s most moral army

The Communist MK slammed Defense Minister Naftali Bennett, calling him “minister of death and brutality.”

NAFTALI BENNETT: Trump plan is a ‘key issue in the campaign’
Bennett: Hebron’s Tomb of Patriarchs must be part of US sovereignty map

All West Bank settlements are slated to become part of sovereign Israel under Trump’s peace plan, but according to the map, the status of Jewish Hebron is unclear.

MK Hendel in Vienna: UNHRC blacklist is surrender to antisemitism

The two also discussed how to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons.

Entrance to IDF base
Israel might quarantine 200 South Korean tourists in military base

Initially the group was to be quarantined in Ashkelon, but according to the report the decision was made to quarantine the tourists at the Har Gilo military base.

THE FAMILY OF Hadar Goldin protests last year in Jerusalem.
Jewish Agency calls on Diaspora to help return Hamas captives from Gaza

Goldin described Hadar as having an “unforgettable smile,” and whose mission in life was “to bring people together.”

72nd Cannes Film Festival - After the screening of the film "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" in compe
Quentin Tarantino has a boy, race is on to guess name

Tarantino had previously referred to the soon-to-be-born baby as “she” in an interview, but apparently he either didn’t know the sex of the fetus or was just messing with his public.

180 Israeli students quarantined after coronavirus exposure

"The potential that someone caught the virus from the [South Korean] tourists is high; whoever doesn't enter quarantine is endangering the public."

US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman looks on as he speaks during a briefing at The Jerusalem Cent
US Ambassador Friedman shows his guitarist talents in Jerusalem

"Did you know our US Ambassador to Israelis more than a great ambassador--he's a rock star! Sweet guitar! Great ambassador!" said Governor Huckabee in a tweet.

Adults with special needs offer babysitting services: a first in Israel

Through the organization Tzohar Halev, special needs adults will look after 2-6 year-old toddlers.

PARENTS SHOULD read labels and look for items that are free of dye and perfume, and consider natural
Home cleaning products may increase risk of childhood asthma

With greater exposure to cleaning products, kids were also 35% more likely to have chronic wheezing and 49% more likely to have chronic allergies, a study found.

Cranes get ready to sleep
Israel's Hula Valley offers bird watchers an unrivaled experience

A visit to the Hula Valley Nature Reserve and the new KKL visitors center lets you enjoy a bird-like flying experience and interactive attractions, alongside old-school bird watching.

A laborer works on an apartment building under construction in the Har Homa neighborhood of Jerusale
EU warns Israel’s Har Homa, Givat Hamatos building harms 2-states

Building in these areas would undermine the viability of a future Palestinian state, the EU and Ireland, Germany, France and Italy say.

Korean Air KE957 at Ben-Gurion Airport, February 22, 2020
South Korean gov't summons Israeli diplomat following Israel travel ban

The South Korean government filed a formal complaint on Sunday morning, saying they “demanded that such an incident not occur again.”

Likelihood of Israeli infected with coronavirus has 'risen significantly'

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced that he would hold a meeting about the coronavirus in the Health Ministry's "war room" on Sunday morning.

Israeli cycling team set to compete in the 2020 UAE Tour

As a World Tour competitor, Israel Start-Up Nation got an automatic bid to participate in the 2020 UAE Tour.

Murder or mitzvah? Hunters deals with the morality of Jews killing Nazis.

The blood-soaked series boasts a cast packed with Jewish actors, many with close personal connections to the Holocaust.

Fire fighters.
Apartment fire badly burns one-year-old baby in Jerusalem

After initial investigations, it is assumed that the fire began when a heater was left operating near the the baby's cradle which was comprised of nylon and fabric, causing it to catch fire.

daniela pick tarantino premiere
Tarantino reveals newest project: A Half-Israeli son

Quentin Tarantino, 56, and his Israeli actress/model wife Daniella Pick, 36, officially became the proud parents of a baby boy on Saturday afternoon, after Pick gave birth Tel-Aviv's Ichilov hospital

Israeli mobility app Moovit expands to 100 countries worldwide

Moovit uses up to six billion anonymous data points daily, the company says, "to add to the world's largest repository of transit and urban mobility data."

Woman lightly wounded in stabbing attack in Jerusalem’s Old City

Tensions remain high following release of Trump’s peace plan

 Assi Azar
Assi Azar to be in Israel's first major campaign starring an LGBTQ couple

Insurance company AIG hired Azar and his husband, Albert Escola, to star in their Israeli ads for the next two years, marking the first major commercial campaign headed an LGBTQ couple.

A man wears a mask as he walks past a mural showing a modified image of the Chinese Communist Party
Hebrew-speaking Chinese reporter sways Israeli ‘hearts and minds’

In an opinion piece on the Begin Sadat Center for Strategic Studies, an Israeli academic warns that Israelis respond a little too well to Hebrew speaking Chinese media stars.

Israel elections:time to vote.
Kan 11 Poll expert: Israel heading to fourth elections

A Kan 11 polling exper told "The Marker" that Israel is headed to a fourth round of elections, and laments tribal voting patterns.

Red wine [Illustrative]
Israeli settlement winery introduces label named for Mike Pompeo

The Psagot winery has been active in efforts to resist international efforts to prevent goods produced in Israeli settlements from being labeled “Made in Israel.”

Al Pacino
The real story behind ‘Hunters,’ Al Pacino’s new nazi-hunting series

The series has garnered mixed reviews and raised questions about the ethics of Jews taking violent revenge.

Blue and White to Labor: Remove Gantz from your ads

Blue and White demands Labor-Gesher-Meretz replace all the ads they use, across the country, by Sunday morning.

Blue and White leader Benny Gantz at a faction meeting in the Knesset
Benny Gantz: If I’m elected and indicted- I will resign from my position

Blue and White leader MK Benny Gantz spoke about the investigation regarding the company he stood at the helm of, and declared that if after being elected prime ministerhe is indicted- he will resign

Yeruham promotes construction of vaccine production facility

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has already decided to establish a vaccine production facility in Israel and is currently conducting a process of preparing infrastructure.

Coronavirus quarantine ward at Sheba Hospital in Ramat Gan
Israeli who returned from coronavirus cruise ship tests positive

Sheba doctor: ‘On our end, it is not a big surprise’

Blue and White leader Benny Gantz at a faction meeting at the Knesset, November 18, 2019
State attorney announces investigation into Benny Gantz’s failed company

At this stage, Blue and White leader Benny Gantz, who headed the cybersecurity company, is not expected to be treated as a suspect, only as a fact witness.

A Likud party election campaign billboard depicting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is see
'Maariv' poll: Blue and White 36, Likud 32, Yisrael Beytenu 8

The picture of the blocs have the center-left bloc with the Arab Joint List receiving 58 mandates, and the religious-right bloc winning 54.

Israelis from aboard ‘coronavrius cruise ship’ land in Israel - watch live

The Israelis flew on a private jet chartered from Thailand through arrangements made by the Health and Foreign ministries.

US police delegation in Israel for joint counter-terror consultations ahead of Sept.11 anniversary
Meet Maj. Sabrina Saadi, Israel's first hijab-wearing police officer

"My message to religious Muslim girls like me: You can prove yourself and feel equal."

With the new Givat Shaul location, there will be less hassle about broadcasting staff travelling to
Grapevine: Public broadcasting returns to Jerusalem

After three years broadcasting from Modi'in, Public Broadcasting broadcast the 6am news from Jerusalem on Sunday.

Internationally acclaimed artist Tamar Hirschfield turns mundane office equipment into intriguingly
Koresh Gallery brings art to the people

A living and breathing street-level space beyond museum walls sparks and shares creative output.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's unholy alliance with Israeli rabbis

Middle Israel: How does a rabbi excuse a transgression of the Ten Commandments? Well, the same way Catholic clergy once sold repentance notes known as indulgences: for money.

Hotovely to 'Post': Likud-led gov't will better serve Diaspora Jewry

Political Affairs: Diaspora affairs minister talks of the importance of Jewish identity

An Akira passenger plane from Tel Aviv lands in front of the Jerusalem airport terminal at Atarot, 1
Jerusalem launches Waze-linked parking website for tourists, olim

A round up of this week's events from Jerusalem: the city has launched a website to help visitors park, and has moved the driving test center away from an area with children crossing.

Yair Lapid: 'Israel needs a reset'

Political Affairs: Yair Lapid on the elections, the challenges facing Israel, and the primacy of values

A cityscape of Tel Aviv is seen during the night-time in Israel May 27, 2017. Picture taken May 27,
Arnona tax netted local authorities NIS 30.2 billion in 2018

Municipal property tax (Arnona) is one of the main sources of income of local authorities, and its advantage is that it constitutes non-earmarked self-generated income, thus supporting the authority’s economic independence.

The ‘WOW’ factor returns to Eilat

Hanoch Rosenn outdoes himself with latest version of Las Vegas-style extravaganza

A SCENE from ‘Minyan.’
Berlin film festival kicks off with drama on J.D. Salinger

Last year, an Israeli film, Nadav Lapid’s Synonyms, won the festival’s top honor, the Golden Bear.

PM Benjamin Netanyahu and Jerusalem Mayor Moshe Lion announce new housing units in Har Homa
Netanyahu solidifies united Jerusalem with Givat Hamatos, Har Homa pledge

Israel views Har Homa and Givat Hamatos as essential to its vision of a united Jerusalem, while opponents believe they make the division of Jerusalem along the 1949-1967 armistice line impossible.

Director Steven Spielberg poses at the premiere of the HBO documentary film 'Spielberg' in Los Angel
Steven Spielberg's daughter to start career in adult entertainment

She claimed her unusual choice is her way to combat difficult experiences, including body-shaming and what she described as grooming.

UTJ releases campaign video with Mendy Weiss

In the video, UTJ uses modern music and specific haredi concepts to attract voters.

The Hague
ICC grants most requests to weigh in on Palestinian statehood

Last week, the Czech Republic, Germany, Australia, Austria, Brazil, Hungary and Uganda as well as a large number of NGOs and experts filed arguments saying that Palestine is not a state.

Ultra-orthodox in the IDF: A Nahal Haredi swearing-in ceremony
Investigation finds IDF did not deliberately falsify Haredi draft numbers

Recommendations include clarifying legal definition of Haredi and gradually reducing age of exemption for ultra-Orthodox.

Irish MP apologizes for saying Mossad tanked Jeremy Corbyn's campaign

Réada Cronin told a commenter that "When the Nazis come back, and they’re on the march, it’ll be Jeremy Corbyn who will stand with you. You are a disgrace to your forefathers."

Palestinian health workers wearing protective masks walk in a quarantine zone installed by the minis
Coronavirus scare sparks riot, tire burning in Jericho

The Palestinian Authority has denied rumors that coronavirus has been discovered in Jericho, after the rumors sparked panic and protests.

Elad Gabar, alleged pedophile, extradited to the US to face justice

Elad Gabar is accused of using the internet to blackmail 150 minors and of sexually assaulting 19 of them.

Holocaust survivors inaugurate forest in the memory of Lithuanian Jews

The new forest is part of a series of KKL-JNF forest rehabilitation projects, including in the Negev desert.

religios soldier IDF praying
Tel Aviv mayor attacks Miri Regev, demands NIS 100,000 and an apology

Some non-religious Jews view the stands as obtrusive and object to them being near schools as these efforts might be seen as an attempt to make children more observant against their parents ' wishes.

An employee at Sheba Medical Center at Tel Hashomer testing the special area where the Israelis who
This is how an at-home coronavirus quarantine works

The Health Ministry has announced that anyone returning from China, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore or Thailand should remain quarantined at home for 14 days. What would such a quarantine be like?

AZRIELA JANKOVIC, 39 LOS ANGELES TO CENTRAL ISRAEL, 2015 I KNOW a mannequin so generous she would gi
Aliyah stories: Los Angeles to Central Israel

AZRIELA JANKOVIC, 39: "We brought a dream back with us"

By Rivkah Lambert Adler
Myisrael giving 100%, all of the time

Each year, Myisrael highlights 18 carefully selected nonprofits from many different sectors in Israeli society that are helping vulnerable people from all cultural backgrounds break cycles of poverty

Israel’s top directors fly economy to Berlin

Although their films are the biggest local box-office hits in Israeli history, Maktub and Forgiveness creators Guy Amir and Hanan Savyon aren’t ones to waste money.

PM Benjamin Netanyahu and Jerusalem Mayor Moshe Lion announce new housing units in Har Homa
Netanyahu announces 2,200 new housing units in Jerusalem's Har Homa

Givat HaMatos and Har Homa are both over the Green Line in east Jerusalem.

KAT TET B’NOVEMBER Street, here in Ramat Hasharon, commemorates the November 29, 1947 UN vote to par
Observations: Remember the past, live the present

Education is urgently required to ensure that those who come after us will be imbued with love for the one Jewish state.

Ein Moda
Tour Israel: Day-tripping

The region is full of breathtaking landscape and gushing springs, which are the perfect salve for people looking to get away from their hectic lives for a few hours and finally be able to relax

DR. GEORG HERLITZ at the Central Zionist Archives in Jerusalem, 1947.
The Central Zionist Archives and the Theodore Herzl Archive: A journey

On February 1, 1933, the day after the Nazis seized power, Herlitz directed a request to the executive branch of the Zionist organization to move the archives to Palestine.

Ya’acov Heruti, one of Israel’s first anonymous soldiers

The ‘Magazine’ gets the lowdown on the former LEHI operative, today 93, who almost assassinated the British foreign secretary in 1948

Foreman wearing a face mask works as a cargo ship docks at a container terminal of Qingdao port
Israeli businesses request government aid to counter coronavirus impact

"As the time required to eradicate the virus grows longer, the economic impact grows exponentially."

A general view picture shows the Bedouin city of Rahat, southern Israel July 17, 2017. Picture taken
Bedouin youth assault Jewish teens over a girl in Beersheba skate park

"I told him 'hey man, we don't want to get involved, let's stop' and then the other one came and punched me straight in the eye."

Moshe Ya’alon addresses The Jerusalem Post Elections Conference last year
Ya’alon: Iran wants its own nukes, not from North Korea

In his book and interview with the ‘Magazine,’ Moshe Ya’alon covers Iran, Gaza, politics and fighting corruption

Father of terrorist who killed Ron Kukia asks for forgiveness

‘In the name of the Abu Judeh family, I ask for forgiveness. We condemn all physical and verbal violence’

IDF soldiers searching in the West Bank for the terrorists who killed Rina Shnerb, August 2019
High Court approves demolitions of Rina Shnerb’s killers’ homes

Last week, the IDF informed the family that it intends to demolish their houses. The family had filed an appeal against the demolition, but did not denounce the murder when asked to in court.

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