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Holon ousted in Champions League quarters

The upstart Israeli squad was unable to match the Spanish League ACB team as veteran guards Vitor Benite and Alex Renfroe orchestrated the offense and did as they pleased.


The Mount Meron tragedy is the ultra-Orthodox's Chernobyl disaster

MIDDLE ISRAEL: Who will be part of the commission of inquiry, what will they investigate, what will it find and what will these findings mean?

A protest by disabled IDF veterans in Jerusalem, May 5, 2021

Agreement reached on budget to reform rehabilitation for IDF veterans

Promised reforms for the rights of disabled veterans, dubbed One Soul, had been stalled due to budgetary disputes.

Coronavirus: Where will Israelis fly abroad, what red tape is in the way?

TRAVEL ADVISER: Israelis are starting to grasp that a trip of a few days or a week to Cyprus or Greece will likely be less expensive than vacationing in Israel, but the top destination is to the US.

Israeli wrestler narrowly loses match for Olympic spot

Mitch Finesilver has impressive run at World Olympic Qualifiers, but falls to Ukraine's Mykhailov in semifinals.

UAE-Israel trade offers global import opportunities for Israeli firms

About 52% of the UAE’s total population and 62% of Israel’s total population have received at least one vaccine dose, allowing both economies to reopen faster than other places around the world.


Female IDF soldiers shamed for filing sexual assault complaint

The women are in Border Police Unit 636, and have been ostracized since one of them accused one of the male soldiers of sexual harassment.

Tel Aviv prepares for return of int'l travel, calls on tourists to return

Israel is preparing for the return of international tourism following a year-long hiatus due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, with skies set to open up to foreign tourists in late May.

The National Library

National Library of Israel, UAE counterpart sign MoU

The MoU represents the most significant institutional agreement between Jerusalem and Abu Dhabi since the signing of the Abraham Accords just over half a year ago.

The IDF's new Sa'ar 6-class corvette warship

Second Sa'ar 6 corvette warship on its way to Israel

The first Sa'ar 6 warship, the INS 'Magen,' arrived in Israel in December, and two more are slated to arrive by the end of 2021, and will become the backbone of the Israeli Navy.

The entrance of the International Criminal Court (ICC) is seen in The Hague March 3, 2011.

Can Israel avoid a showdown with the International Criminal Court?

JPost One-on-One weekly 'Zoomcast': Yonah Jeremy Bob and former Israeli legal adviser and diplomat Alan Baker

Israel Police face protesters fighting against the construction of the light rail in Jerusalem, Janu

Jerusalem Day 'Dance of Flags' parade route dangerous - police chief

"The passage of the parade in sensitive areas, when all warnings relate to a possible flare-up... would be irresponsible."

Prime Minister Benjmain Netanyahu (L) and Ehud Olmert (R)

Netanyahu family sues ex-PM Ehud Olmert for defamation

The former prime minister had called current Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu 'mentally ill' * Suit demands NIS 837,000 in damages.

Yamina MKs vow not to rebel against Bennett after Chikli defection

After Lapid receives mandate, Netanyahu warns of "shameful attempt to build a left-wing government with votes of the Right."


EU countries to open up to Israeli tourists

The EU Council updated the list of non-EU countries, for which it suggests easing up restrictions, to include Israel.

British Embassy in Israel launches VC club

The venture capital club, launched in partnership with the law firm Taylor Wessing, will provide UK and Israeli VCs and investors exclusive access to cutting-edge start-ups.


Israel-New Jersey trade relations grew in 2020

New Jersey's population is about nine million, and, due to its similarity in size, is often used as a comparison point for Israel's geographic size.


Ag-tech company Prospera acquired for $300 million

Prospera's machine vision technologies monitor plant development, health & stress by analyzing multiple layers of climate & visual data from a crop field & providing actionable insights to growers.


Women's soccer player has assaulter detained by police

According to the report, this is not the first time Moore Shaked has been sexually assaulted, the last was when she was 17. At the time, she didn't know how to react to the situation

Tapuah Junction terror attack victim Yehuda Guetta laid to rest

Guetta was one of three 19-year-olds injured in a Palestinian shooting attack at Tapuah Junction Sunday evening. His funeral took place on Thursday morning in Kiryat Moshe.

WestEnd Films buys rights to female-soldier series, Dismissed

Israeli TV series ‘Dismissed’ headed internationally

Israeli Television Academy award winner Nir Berger (Dead End) and Atara Frish (Heroine), created the series and Frish is also the director.

Head of New Right party Naftali Bennett [L] and MK Ayelet Shaked [R]

Ayelet Shaked supports Naftali Bennett in face of attacks by Netanyahu

The Yamina MK reiterated her support for her party's leader, following numerous attacks by the prime minister and right-wing MKs who blame him for preventing a right-wing government.

Jerusalem highlights: May 7-13

What is going on in Israel's capital this week?

Hapoel Holon continues to advance in the Basketball Champions League

American guard Tyrus McGee takes aim at powering Hapoel Holon in Champions League playoffs


Grapevine: Tribute to Isi Leibler

Movers and shakers from Israeli society.

 A GENERAL view of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem’s Old City last year.

Jerusalem Day: A poem called 'Jerusalem'

Jerusalem’s story covers thousands of years, but this segment began in 1948.

Jerusalem Day tribute honoring city landmark and the people who made it so

Living in Jerusalem in the 1920s was not simple.


Holocaust education: Exploring new models of memory

The ‘Holocaust or Hope Mini Museum and Escape Room’ takes a completely different approach from what most people would expect.

Yad Vashem's Berthe Badehi on the split-second decision that saved her life

Badehi, 89, is a French Holocaust survivor, who tells her story in French or English to local and visiting groups that come to Yad Vashem.

Jerusalem in 2021: By the numbers

“Jerusalem Facts and Trends for 2020 – A Glimpse” is the exhaustive and highly detailed picture of the city in numbers and figures.


'O.K-19' evening to have long-awaited dance premiere

This month, Fresco Dance Company will finally premiere 'O.K-19', which is comprised of On by Adi Salant and Kapow by Eyal Dadon.


What defines Jewish music?

From Shlomo Carlebach to Debbie Friedman to Yiddish tunes, there is a vast history to explore.


How my shingles reminded me every day counts

This is Israel, so everyone is willing to share their interesting life stories with someone like me who is always interested.

Eating our way through Nazareth this Independence Day

Mona’s Nazarene tasting tour has five stops, each more decadent than the one before.


Remembering my mother on Mother's Day

Our mother stays with us throughout our lives, even when we are mothers, or even grandmothers, ourselves.

Arrivals: ‘What you lose in materialism you gain in spirituality’


Israel and the metamorphosis of the Sabra through the years

‘The Sabra symbolizes our attempt to create a figure who is the complete opposite of the weak Diaspora Jew’


Find a sAge - Reliable advice from life experience

Founded and developed by Esther Hershcovich, the platform was built to share the wide range of information and personal experiences of retired individuals with younger adults.


Post COVID, Jerusalem's culture scene is bruised but very much alive

Even when lockdowns, prohibitions on gatherings and other pandemic constraints are not in place, Jerusalem’s minor league purveyors of cultural wares have a hard time balancing the books.


Jerusalem Day: Unity in division or contradiction

There is an active debate in Israel and the Diaspora about how the day is celebrated and whether it is a day for all Israelis and all Jews.

What does the future hold for east Jerusalem?

For the past few years negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority have been stuck, but regardless, it seems clear that in the near future Jerusalem will not be partitioned.


Mayor Moshe Lion gets candid on the future ahead of Jerusalem Day

After serving half his tenure, has Jerusalem's mayor fulfilled his promises?


Joan Thompson and a death on a Jerusalem road

Thompson arrived to the Mandate in November 1937, and spent 11 years assisting those in need as a Mandate government employee.

Jerusalem Day: How well do you know the Holy City's history?

In Jerusalem presents you with 10 questions about the capital, reflecting the story of this extraordinary city.


Meet the Yakirei Yerushalayim award winners 2021

The awards special recognition to residents for their contributions to benefit Jerusalemites of all ages.


Karin Elharrar, MK with muscular dystrophy, to head powerful committee

MK Karin Elharrar uses a wheelchair due to her muscular dystrophy, which has not prevented her from breaking down barriers since getting elected to the Knesset for the first time eight years ago.

Moshe Gafni

UTJ insists it won’t join national unity government

UTJ chairman MK Moshe Gafni tells Bennett ‘no thanks’ in response to Yamina leader’s offer to join ‘broad emergency government’

Lapid, Bennett hope to form government within a week

Rivlin entrusted Lapid with forming a government on Wednesday


Transgender parents can be agender 'parent' on child's birth certificate

Transgender parents will be registered simply as 'parent,' without any specification of gender, on their child's birth certificate.


Amir Peretz not running for president

Economy Minister Amir Peretz announced on Wednesday that he will not be a candidate in the race for president


Hundreds of disabled IDF veterans protest by Knesset, Defense Ministry

Promised reforms for the rights of disabled veterans have been stalled as the Finance and Defense ministries squabble over budget.

Lapid and Bennett

Who is Chikli? New MK to oppose Bennett-Lapid government

Chikli is potentially doing to Bennett what Religious Zionist party head Bezalel Smotrich did to Netanyahu: deprive him of becoming prime minister by adhering to an ideological position.


Kariv condemns Orthodox monopoly over religious life in maiden speech

First Reform rabbi to serve as MK says rights of ‘millions of Israelis’ violated by monopoly of Chief Rabbinate, says he will speak for Diaspora Jews in Knesset.

Mercantile CEO: We turned crisis into opportunity

“In 2020, corona also reached Israel, and the crisis caused by the epidemic brought with it, among other things, significant risks in banking activity.”

Terror Israel

Moshe Yaalon to testify in ‘Hate Wedding’ Affair

Defendants stabbed, burned, tore pictures of Duma victims at a wedding in 2015

Café Greg to open 8 new branches in Israel, with NIS 12m. investment

Over the years, the café has become a unique success story, with 100 branches throughout the country.

Manhunt continues for Tapuah Junction terrorist

Gunfire and explosions were heard for several hours with a live feed of the incident playing out on Facebook.

Iranian musician Hanna Jahanforooz keeps Persian culture alive

Persian music and Persian culture are central to Jahanforooz’s very being and not just in a pure artistic sense.


What a load of cheek! First-ever course in Chutzpah launches worldwide

A new online course called “The Art of Chutzpah,” teaches users how to become more confident, courageous, and resilient.

Despite COVID-19, Israeli violinist to perform Mozart Concerto #5

The concert will take place at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art in the framework of Museum’s chamber series and will be repeated in Ness Ziona Pais Art Center next night.


Sderot police dedicate 'Mount Meron' synagogue in memory of tragedy

The disaster at Mount Meron took the lives of 45 people and injured over 150 others who had come to the place believed to be the gravesite of the Jewish sage Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai.

PM trial: Yeshua admits lying to Schocken after saying 'I never lied to you'

“I wanted to stop the campaign against Walla,” he said, under defense cross-examination.

44 Israeli experiments to join Israel's next astronaut to space

Most of the experiments are not for space-related technologies, but will test conditions in space that may lead to technological, scientific, and medical breakthroughs.

The Italian flag waves over the Quirinal Palace in Rome, Italy May 30, 2018

Italy likely to allow Israeli tourists into the country in mid-May

Jerusalem prepares to welcome the first foreign tourists in over a year starting May 23, from a list of countries that includes the US, the UK, France, Australia and Italy.

Delta to increase New York-Israel flights to three per day

This comes after the airline will already be increasing the frequency of its New York-Israel flights from 10 a week to 14 starting June 1.

Woman denied divorce by rabbinate: 'I don’t want to be Michal Sela'

For some women in Israel today divorce seems like an impossible reality, as religious and legal barriers stretch before them every step of the way. One organization seems determined to change that.


Australian military to stop using Elbit’s battle management system

Elbit Australia was informed of the decision without being given any explanations.

Who won? WATCH dance-off between Israeli and Egyptian soldiers on border

The soldiers presented their stylish moves, with handstands and the like, to the Arabic song "Habib Galbi."

Jerusalem Day: Ethiopian Israelis remember the 4000 who died in Sudan

On Monday, institutions across Israel will commemorate the victims who tried to make aliyah from Ethiopia, in an effort to highlight a side of Zionist history that doesn't often get told.

El Al plane

No need for plane ticket before applying to come to Israel

Following efforts for Diaspora Affairs Minister Omer Yankelevich, relatives of Israelis seeking to visit their loved ones in Israel can now apply for an entry permit before purchasing a ticket.

The Council of Mission-Driven Communities visit town hit by violent crime

Along with other areas of the Arab sector, the city of Umm al-Fahm has seen a spike in crime and violent activity in recent years.

The Aura Air system on a bus

Yuval Bronshtein appointed chairman of Aura Smart Air

Aura Smart Air has helped set up air purification systems in transport companies and businesses around the world to combat the pandemic.

Jerusalem Day: Capital is young, diverse, growing

“The future of Jerusalem is the future of the State of Israel," President Reuven Rivlin said. “Jerusalem is a microcosm of our existence."


'Horrors': Border Police commander recounts Meron experience

Itzhak was charged with leading dozens of Border Police officers as the chaotic night dragged on.

Jerusalem Municipality to provide services to retirees at reduced cost

The program, which launched on Tuesday, will be led by social workers, costs NIS 10 per meeting, for ten meetings.

Charles E Smith Jewish Day School students earning their popsicles after a long day of outdoor exper

It’s always “Mission Possible” at JNF-USA’s High School in Israel

Staff and Students Express Elation Over Return to JNF-USA’s High School in Israel.

Baltimore police

Israeli man visiting Baltimore for a wedding shot dead in apparent robbery

Video surveillance from homes in the heavily Jewish area in the northwest part of the city shows three youths approaching Efraim Gordon as he leaves a car. One then shoots Gordon.

Marcel Keinan in 2017.

Marcel Keinan, employment ‘guru’ in Israel for his native Brazilians, dies

Keinan would voluntarily advise Brazilians making the move on how to land their first job in the Israeli market. He died of a rare neurological disorder at 68.

Israel works to identify 44 killed in Lag Ba'omer Mount Meron stampede

Mount Meron: Why did it take 11 hours to transfer 45 bodies to Abu Kabir?

The final Meron victims were identified on Sunday morning at around 7 a.m. and released for burial the same day – nearly 55 hours after they died.

Knesset green lights votes to repeal Disengagement, authorize outposts

The Knesset Arrangements Committee agreed Tuesday evening in a 19-13 vote to fast-track the private members' bills.

Likud pushes last-minute bills before Netanyahu's mandate expires

If the bills pass - and most of them have a majority - they would be brought to a vote in the Knesset plenum on Wednesday.

Will Netanyahu dominate Israeli politics outside the gov't? - analysis

Netanyahu could follow Trump model of maintaining influence over his party

Yisrael Beytenu leader Avigdor Liberman on November 20, 2019.

Would Avigdor Liberman make a good finance minister?

Liberman is a believer in free markets, with a strong social safety net for those who contribute to the system.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu corruption trial

Netanyahu trial: Pendulum swings toward PM, Elovitch - analysis

For a month, the prosecution got to hit Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Shaul Elovitch with punch after punch. Tuesday saw a U-turn.

After COVID-19, Israel Festival makes its return

The festival's 60th iteration will take place June 3-19.


Israel sends COVID-19 aid to India

The aid includes thousands of group and individual oxygen generators, which the Indian health system needs urgently.

Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu gives a press conference with Health minister Yuli Edelste

Lessons learned since Israel's last elections - analysis

No one expected Netanyahu, with the cards he was dealt, to be able to put together a winning hand, and – after 28 days of trying – he was unable to do so.

Spiritual leader of the Shas party Rabbi Shalom Cohen (center), flanked by Shas party chairman and I

Rabbi Ovadia Yosef's son forced to quit post for political comments

Rabbi David Yosef, a member of the Shas Council of Torah Sages and a state-paid rabbi, violated regulations for public servants.

Women must respond to Meron disaster with more modesty - Kanievsky

In first comments regarding the death of 45 people during the Lag Ba’Omer celebrations, the leading haredi rabbi said the disaster was “a decree from Heaven” the reasons for that cannot be known.

SCALES OF JUSTICE decorate the International Criminal Court building in The Hague, Netherlands, in 2

Israel Allies Caucus legislators support Israel against ICC probe

Chairmen of Israel Allies Caucuses worldwide reject investigation for lack of legal basis

Jerusalem Municipality program to encourage leadership and social entrepreneurship among olim

Jerusalem Municipality to encourage leadership among olim

In the new program provided by the municipality, young new immigrants will learn for about three months how to promote and implement social ideas.

SOCCER IS one of the sports taking place this weekend at the Tel Aviv Games

Transgender soccer referee makes Israeli sports history

Outside the stadium in the northern city of Haifa, one fan carried a banner that hailed Berman as a "super woman, incredible, brave."

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