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Netanyahu pushes for united front with France over Iran

Netanyahu visited French President Macron on his first foreign trip since his return to power, mainly to talk about Iran.

Israel's coalition is dead set on passing the judicial reform - analysis

The coalition is continuing to further the judicial reform while holding back on defunding Kan and bringing Deri back as minister.

After A-G orders against Netanyahu involvement, is judicial reform dead? - analysis

Attorney-General Gali Baharav-Miara ordered Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu not to involve himself in the judicial reform due to his trial.

19-year-old American seminary student killed in Jerusalem car accident

The driver seriously injured while a passenger was also killed. * The US seminary student was Adira Koffsky of New York, studying at Midreshet Amudim.


A-G comes out against reforms, Herzog calls for legislation freeze

The opinion said that each of the provisions of the proposed judicial reforms would damage Israel's system of checks and balances on its own, and more so accumulatively.

Jewish People Policy Institute campaigns for judicial reform compromise - exclusive

The JPPI's data showed that there is a real concern in Israel for an outbreak of violence and civil war over the judicial reform.

Israel needs to make its position on judicial reform clear to the world - Daroff

During the COP visit to Isreal, they will hear from different perspectives of the suggested judicial reform.


Israel jail crackdown sets up showdown with Palestinian prisoners

The looming showdown between the prisoners and Ben-Gvir comes days after US Secretary of State Antony Blinken called on both sides to do everything to lower tensions.


Iran likely to do small nuke enrichment to 90% to test West - Lapid

Lapid said that at this point the Islamic Republic's strategy is to continue to escalate the threat it poses but in a very incremental way.

Tel Aviv University advances holistic program for boosting the Humanities

'The community of the Faculty of Humanities is committed to continuing its in-depth research and scholarship and works to instill humanistic values in various target audiences'.

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