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‘Israel did not agree to free Islamic Jihad prisoners in Gaza ceasefire’

Israel didn't agree to release the Palestinian Islamic Jihad senior member Bassam al-Saadi as part of the Gaza ceasefire talks to end Operation Breaking Dawn.

Islamic Jihad rockets killed more civilians in Gaza than IDF airstrikes did

An IDF briefing about Operation Breaking Dawn revealed that one in five Islamic Jihad rockets fell in Gaza. That means 200 out of 1,100 rockets fired.

Operation Breaking Dawn and politics around it - comment

At the time of writing, we do not know whether the prayers at the Kotel, and visits by Jewish groups to the Temple Mount itself on Tisha Be’av will be held without limitations or interruptions.

Avigdor Liberman promises compensation for embattled residents

“It was fine, better than corona because kindergarten was open,” a resident of Kfar Aza joked, but conditions are rough. “I couldn’t even get to the end of an email [without sirens going off]."

Did the assassination of Baha abu al-Ata fail? - analysis

Is IDF operation just another tactical success with no strategic win?

AG probes reporter Eli Tzipori for incitement against Hadas Klein

The file is a spin-off from Case 1000 against Netanyahu.

Israel's Labor Party holds primaries ahead of the March 2021 elections.

Labor and Likud primaries may be postponed over security concerns

Both primaries are for the parties' lists for the Knesset and not for the lead of the party.

Netanyahu ‘fully backs government and IDF’

According to law, the prime minister is supposed to brief the opposition leader on national security every month.

How Israel shot down false reports on Jabaliya explosion in Gaza

As it soon became apparent, the children’s tragic death was not at Israel’s hands. Though many Israel supporters lament Jerusalem’s poor public relations efforts, this time it actually worked.

How are Israel's soldiers protecting the country under fire? - interviews

Iron Dome troops and a combat soldier speak to The Jerusalem Post during a lull in the violence on Israel's southern border.

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