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UAE's ambassador to Israel expected to arrive Monday for first visit

Upon arrival, the new ambassador is expected to undergo a coronavirus test and await results.

Family of killed IDF soldier donates organs, saves dying COVID-19 patient

The family of the late soldier, Yonatan Granot, decided to donate his organs, saving the lives of five people.

Amid Syria strikes, CENTCOM Air Force chief visits Israel

Following the visit, Norkin said that the "strategic cooperation with American forces enables us to learn and grow.

New immigrants arrive at Israel's Ben-Gurion Airport on Purim, February 26, 2021

Aliyah flights from Ethiopia, Ukraine land in Israel despite coronavirus

Ben-Gurion Airport was shut on Jan. 25 to all commercial flights due to the government’s concerns over the entry of COVID-19 variants into the country.

Israeli citizen collected information on Iron Dome for Hamas - Shin Bet

Mohammad Abu Adra's background allowed him to move freely between Rehovot in Israel and Rafah in Gaza via the Erez crossing.

Hundreds of Fellowship volunteers visit 1,500 lonely elderly on Purim

Hundreds of Fellowship volunteers visit 1,500 lonely elderly on Purim

The operation will take place in 22 cities across the country and under strict adherence to coronavirus safety rules and Ministry of Health guidelines.

Yarin Sherf named as suspect in alleged rape of 13-year-old at corona hotel

The hotel, designated for youth at risk and welfare recipients, is wired with many security cameras which will hopefully provide police with a clearer picture of the incident.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu speaks with President Joe Biden on February 17

Netanyahu's repeated calls to Biden got directed to ‘rejection hotline’

Purim parody: The practical joke was based on a 20-year-old popular prank back when AOL ruled the Internet.


Cyprus' hotels want to open for Israelis during Passover - Will they?

“We are asking for the deal to come into force earlier, so hoteliers can prepare the reopening of their businesses two weeks before the arrival of tourists from Israel.”

The Instagram application is seen on a phone screen August 3, 2017.

Instagram's Reels and Music features to arrive in Israel

These short videos can be customized to include a thumbnail, a description, and hashtags.

From Purim to Purim: What Israel has learned in a year of coronavirus

NATIONAL AFFAIRS: Coronavirus has upended Israeli life more than any other disaster, and in the process, we've learned more about ourselves and our country, the good and the bad.

A woman stands at the counter inside a Israel Post office in Jerusalem

Woman hospitalized after Israel Post delivers letter in under a month

Purim parody: It was the most exciting event to occur in Modi’in in over five years.


Birds pissed off at Netanyahu too, join Balfour protests

Purim parody: “We’ve always thought Netanyahu was going to be a hawk."


Netanyahu, Gantz leave politics to star in new Netflix sitcom

Purim parody: ‘We’re going from topping the polls to topping the ratings’


Horror film ‘The Vigil’ brings Jewish demonology to the big screen

Mazziks are invisible, low-level demons that, Director Keith Thomas explains, were created with little “sparks of life” left over from the days of creation.


Purim goes political in election season

New Hope women to take part in Esther reading; Yesh Atid MKs help elderly pack mishloach manot.


Tel Aviv Grand Slam gold medalist Timna Nelson-Levy living her best life

The Israeli-American 26-year-old judoka spoke to the Jerusalem Post about winning the Grand Slam gold medal, earning Olympic berth.


Israel issues urgent ban on all seafood distribution

Mediterranean oil spill grinds fishing industry to a halt.

Shaare Tzedek coronavirus unit

26-year-old with COVID-19 dies suddenly in his home

A second young victim, 23, died later from the virus.

Israel to put on hold program to send vaccines abroad amid legal scrutiny

Health officials: Next stage of coronavirus reliefs could be delayed due to infection spike

Rafael marks milestone in development of I-Derby ER air-to-air missile

In a test series held earlier this week, Rafael completed the development of the ground-based air defense version of the missile.


Coronavirus electronic bracelet: How does it work?

A pilot project offering returnees from abroad the possibility to isolate at home with the monitoring device instead of in hotels will be launched on Sunday next week.

Mashina’s Iggy Dayan beats to a different drum

There is far more to Dayan than meets the eye, and ears, than his sterling powerhouse work with the megastar rock band.


Hacker exposes hundreds of students to porno during Purim event

"The teacher told us it's a hacker working from abroad, but it's pretty obvious that a student did it," one student said.


Coronavirus: Setting the stage for a return to live performances

The vast majority of artists from across the disciplinary spectrum are itching to get back on stage, and to get away from the sterile setting of Zoom-facilitated presentations.


Netanyahu, Bahrain Crown Prince talk COVID vaccine production initiative

Ashkenazi and Jordanian FM in frequent contact, working to bolster ties.

After SolarWinds hack, Israel reexamines its cybersecurity

CYBER SECURITY AFFAIRS: Israel is no stranger to the dangers of state-run cyberattacks.

Israel oil spill: How did it happen and what will we do going forward?

ENVIRONMENTAL AFFAIRS: ‘We need to draw a line in the sand’

Chess4Solidarity tournament featuring 438 chess players from over 40 countries

Iranian, Israeli chess players compete in international event

The total amount of prizes awarded in the tournament was 1,000 euros.

Lockheed Martin Sikorsky's Ch-53K on the tarmac at Berlin Air Show

Defense Ministry chooses CH-53K as IDF’s new heavy-lift helicopters

CH-53Ks are an "urgent" replacement to the aging "Yasur" helicopters.


David Broza to 'Post' on COVID: No mass music performances until mid-2022

JPost One-on-One weekly 'Zoomcast': David Brinn with Israeli singer-songwriter David Broza - Episode 8


24-year-old arrested for allegedly raping 13-year-old in corona hotel

The alleged rape was committed while both were staying in a state-run quarantine hotel for coronavirus patients in Jaffa.

First COVID-19 vaccines arrive in Honduras from Israel

Honduras and Guatemala, the latter of which has an embassy in Jerusalem, are among the countries that received donated vaccine doses from Israel, diplomatic sources confirmed.


MyHeritage CEO: Our acquisition rewards our workers and helps us grow

The genealogy testing company was just acquired by US investment firm Francisco Partners for an estimated $600 million.


How shared scooter services changed the face of Tel Aviv

Bird just launched a new app to help riders throughout Israel find the best routes, like a Waze for scooters.

High Court of Justice prepares for hearing on whether Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu can form the

Time's up: Government nearing High Court deadline for surrogacy equality

The deadline was set in a partial ruling in a suit filed by Etai Pinkas, an LGBTQ+ activist who has served as chairman of the Agudah in the past.

Avi Balashnikov, chairman of the Gihon Corporation and Mabati

Bank Leumi to lead financing of the Kidron River Rehabilitation Project

Will lend the Gihon Water and Sewage Corporation and its subsidiary Mabati NIS 450 million in a syndication transaction, out of a total cost of NIS 830 million for the entire project

Orna Alexander, 40 from Montreal to Givat Shmuel and Modi'in, 2002

Aliyah brings one woman from trauma to resilience

The turning point for Orna came when she enrolled in a civilian Krav Maga class to acquire self-defense and combat skills.

The Frankelshead off to Russia

Israel: We must not teach history, but instill memory

These are the experiences, like a patchwork quilt, that make up the unique and beloved nation of which we are members.

Jerusalem: The center of world Jewry

Dear matchmaker: Long distance, politics and unauthorized profiles

A weekly column of questions and answers for the Magazine Matchmaker


Prof. Eli Keshet to receive Israel Prize for his study of blood vessels

Keshet was born in Israel in 1945 and studied biology at the Hebrew University, and did his doctorate between the years 1970 and 1975. He was appointed a professor in 1993.

Bodies brought to Israel in Operation Ayelet Hashachar are laid to rest in Har Herzl in 1992

Sixty years after 46 were lost trying to reach the Holy Land from Morocco

Remembering those who were lost in the fatal tragedy

United Hatzalah volunteer vaccinating another in Jerusalem in December

Coronavirus: United Hatzalah to suspend unvaccinated volunteers

"As medical personnel and first responders, we are at risk, and we can endanger others if we aren't vaccinated," founder Eli Beer said.

Israel's President Reuven Rivlin' house dressed up for Purim

Israeli President's Residence all dressed up for Purim

The entrance to the presidential compound is temporarily guarded by a mammoth orange-colored monster with enormous gold claws.

Coronavirus: Hundreds attend party in Tel Aviv ahead of Purim curfew

Pictures and videos from the scene showed crowds of revelers celebrating in tight quarters in the market, many without masks.

Swimming pool (Illustrative)

Grapevine February 26, 2021: Back in the pool

Movers and shakers in Israeli society

Purim: Senior citizens make masks for Netanya street parade

Other activities include another mask exhibition that will take place at the Herzl Street Mall.


For everything, there is a season

The exhibitions not to be missed as Israel's art scene reopens


Coronavirus: Israel's must-see exhibits after art scene reopens

Listed below are various intriguing art exhibitions worth visiting.

Alexander Calder from the exhibition 'Great Yellow Sun'

The exhibitions not to be missed as Israel’s art scene reopens

What are the intriguing art exhibitions worth visiting throughout Israel?


Coronavirus: Israel's must-see exhibits after art scene reopens

Listed below are various intriguing art exhibitions worth visiting.


Why the divisions caused by the coronavirus are magnified at Purim

Israelis are more polarized than ever during a holiday about unity, but Purim provides ways to connect, rabbi says

Cydome's technology aims to protect vessels from malicious actors.

Israeli startup helps protect ships from cyber pirates

Maritime industry turns to new technologies in order to comply with updated global regulations

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reaches out to shake hands with Nancy Pelosi

Netanyahu calls Pelosi to discuss Israel’s COVID response

“We discussed COVID response and our shared hope for regional peace, including a just, stable and enduring two-state solution.”

Buff bubbe breaks the Internet after gym interview

Beloved Israeli gym bubbe has a thick American accent — and that’s great

Translanguaging describes the ways that all users of language use all available linguistic resources to communicate effectively with others.


Protesters demonstrate against vaccine coercion, green passports in Tel Aviv

Speakers and protestors called for more "government transparency," and to "stop tyranny."

Israeli passengers wait to board the Lufthansa flight intended to bring them back to Israel, Februar

'Peanuts and water': Dire conditions for Israelis stranded in Frankfurt

The experience of the rescue flight was "a complete disaster," leaving 80 Israelis to fend for themselves.

Purim 2020 Israel encountered COVID; now we hope to leave it behind

“It’s the saddest Purim in Jerusalem ever,” Jerusalem resident Yinon told The Jerusalem Post on Purim day.

IDF SOLDIERS KEEP guard in the Jordan Valley earlier this year.

IDF soldier in critical condition after being shot in the head on base

"The only thing that matters to me is that he live," the soldier who discharged the weapon told investigators. "He's my best friend. I don't care about the arrest."

Palestinian money changes exchange money [file].

US renews funding pledge to Palestinians, as PA economy shrinks by 11.5%

Shtayyeh outlined a grim picture of how the already-fraught Palestinian economy, had been hard hit by the pandemic causing the PA deficit to double in two years. It now stands at $1.2 billion.

Bennett: I won’t join gov’t led by Lapid; Netanyahu: He’s in Purim costume

"I am prepared to sit in any national government. I am in the camp of the people of Israel, and we have to keep the government in the national [right-wing] camp."

COVID-19: Israel sending vaccines to Mauritania, without diplomatic ties

Mauritania had previously established relations with Israel in 1992, which continued until March 2010, when the country cut ties after Operation Cast Lead.

Does reduced cell space for Shin Bet prisoners violate High Court ruling?

Even if Shin Bet detainees may have less cell space, it would be for a shorter period, and once they are indicted, they will be given more cell space.

Labor candidate Nachman Shai finally approved to enter Israel

Likud: Shai "complained for PR points" instead of going through the system.

Ibtisam Mara'ana

High Court to decide legality of disqualifying Labor candidate

The original central election commission decision to disqualify Mara’ana came by a 16-15 vote with two abstentions.

NBC under fire for portrayal of Orthodox Jews on Canadian series ‘Nurses’

Jewish organizing groups such as StopAntisemitism and JewishOnCampus have tried to mobilize online pressure campaigns against NBC for airing the episode.

Jerusalem's Mahane Yehuda market

Coronavirus: Country to fully reopen by April, Netanyahu says

*Health Minister and Knesset Law Committee chairman agree to launch pilot program offering returnees from abroad to wear an electronic bracelet.

A Mobileye autonomous driving test vehicle, at the Mobileye headquarters in Jerusalem

Mobileye to ban employees not vaccinated for coronavirus

The company is assuming that about 10% of its workforce does not intend to vaccinate.

Real estate market

CBRE Israel signs $45m. deal for New York firm

The investment will be made by Paramount and the Phoenix Insurance Company.

Israeli firm Upstep invests NIS 1.5m. to open UK subsidiary

‘COVID measures have led to rise in demand for our products’

Rapeh Party head: The gov't will not succeed in silencing me

Anti-vaccination coercion activist and Rapeh party leader Dr. Arieh Avni had his license revoked by the Health Ministry on Wednesday.

Israel cinema: Francophone fest in J’lem; Polish movies in TA

The movie drought is over, and Jerusalem and Tel Aviv are both celebrating.

Over 70 tons of tar cleaned from Israel's beaches since oil spill

The country's northern beaches have proved harder to clean, due to their rockier terrain, which tar more easily clings to than sand.

Rivlin tries to persuade new ambassadors to move embassies to Jerusalem

In his conversations with the ambassadors of Brazil and Portugal, Rivlin could not resist talking about soccer.

Israelis stand in line to enter clothing stores as shops officially opened after almost a 2-month l

Clothing store owner filmed stabbing himself in the head after being fined

The man has apparently previously injured himself multiple times on camera after receiving warnings and fines, and continued to defy coronavirus regulations. *Warning: Graphic content*

H.E. Dr. Tariq Bin Hendi signs cooperation agreement virtually with David Leffler, Director General

Israel, UAE sign investment collaboration agreement

The cooperation agreements build on a series of initiatives established between ADIO and Invest in Israel including formal company introductions.


IAC kicks off edge experience tech summit

“This e-summit reflects our efforts to connect IAC’s Edge community of young Jewish professionals from the US and Israel to a vibrant ecosystem that will support their initiatives and dreams."

A Jewish youth waves a flag as he participates in a march marking "Jerusalem Day", near Damascus Gat

Agudah, Facebook join to combat LGBTQ-phobia during Israel elections

The Noam Party, a right-wing extremist party, ran in past elections on the slogan of making Israel "a normal nation" with anti-LGBTQ+ slogans.


Man arrested for trying to enter Rabbi Kanievsky's house with a knife

"Hundreds pass by here every day to be blessed by the rabbi; it was lucky that we noticed the suspect."

President Reuven Rivlin visits cleanup efforts at Herziliya beach after oil spill

Greek tanker is main suspect in disastrous Mediterranean oil spill

Tar washing up along 90% of Israel’s coastline could take years to clean up, experts warn


Stabbing attack attempted near Yitzhar, search for attacker ongoing

In a video of the incident, a man can be seen approaching another man with a knife drawn and attempting to stab him.

Coronavirus: 11 test positive on New York rescue flight to Israel

Some ultra-Orthodox passengers on the flight allegedly bragged about forging documents to show that they were not positive for the coronavirus.


Health Min. revokes license of anti vax-coercion doctor, party head

The judge said that Aryeh Avni's actions pose a real danger to public health.

Yeshiva high school students have a binge-drinking problem

The numbers are consistent across two years, 20 schools and thousands of students. The national data show that 22% of students have taken “more than just a taste or a sip” in the past 30 days.


Rio designated sister city of Raanana, Israel’s Brazilian capital

Since 2015, Raanana has quickly become the primary destination for Brazilians moving to Israel.


Doctors extract fishhook from fisherman's eye and manage to save it

Some two days after the surgery, the fisherman reportedly felt better and even started seeing shadows and light in the injured eye.

IDF soldiers at the entrance of a coronavirus hotel

Coronavirus: Quarantine hotels to reopen until better solution available

State-run hotels for isolating people returning from abroad have attracted much criticism over the past few months, with some questioning their effectiveness.

Togolese-Israeli pop star Stephane Legar goes global

An unlikely star on the Israeli music scene.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (L) and Attorney-General Avichai Mandelblit (R)

Netanyahu trial, election: Lecturing A-G, appearing neutral - analysis

There was no need for the court to rebuke Mandelblit other than to appear balanced and supportive of some of the Netanyahu narrative as it rejected his core arguments.

An IDF soldier sits on a beach in Tel Aviv

IDF tricked oleh soldier to confess in Hebrew to drugs - lawyer

"Military police investigators took advantage of the fact that he was a new immigrant who did not have full control of the Hebrew language."


Maccabi Haifa edges Hapoel Umm Al Fahm

Last year’s State Cup Cinderella ousted by 90th-minute winner • Mac TA, Beitar Jerusalem advance

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