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Likud MK suggests Israeli parents are turning children gay

Nissim Vaturi in an interview stated that children shouldn't be influenced to be gay, citing parents giving dolls to boys as an example.

KKL-JNF first chairwoman is already making a difference. Here is how

Less than six months after the start of her term, Ovadia-Luski is already making a difference, leading KKL-JNF to crucial developments benefiting the organization and the country.

Israeli parents forget child in car all night, returned by police

In a separate incident, a four-year-old was left in his father's car for half an hour.

Israel Police risk politicization with Ben-Gvir's Police Law -A-G

Ben-Gvir said that the Police Law was important to fix problems in the law and to regulate the Israel Police.

LIVE: Today, helping new generations more crucial than ever, says TAU supporter

Dr. Garry Rayant, healthcare professional, entrepreneur, and philanthropist In conversation with Erica Schachne, editor, The Jerusalem Post Magazine.

Woman who protested at Western Wall in bikini indicted

Maya Benvenisti wore a bikini to the Western Wall to protest against a law that would punish women for dressing immodestly at the Kotel.

Israeli daycare held in building dangerous for infants

The building used for the daycare is too small for the number of children who attend and poses a number of other health and safety risks.

Israeli teacher gets seven years for sexual assault of student

The 37-year-old Okon also received three years probation and was ordered to compensate one of his victims NIS 200,000.

30,000 Israelis gather in Jerusalem for pride march amid heavy police presence

National Security Minister Ben-Gvir: Marchers' security above all, but freedom of speech of those who oppose pride march must be respected.

New bill proposes collecting dog DNA to ensure owners pick up after them

A bill proposed by a Likud MK was approved in a preliminary reading that would require dog owners to give DNA samples, connecting owners to pet droppings.

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