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'Father of kittens' at Al-Aqsa in Jerusalem passes away due to COVID

For decades, Younis would drive over 90 minutes from his home in Arara, an Arab-Israeli town in northern Israel, five times a week to feed the cats and birds at the compound.


Rashida Tlaib says Israel 'racist,' denying COVID vaccine to Palestinians

According to the Oslo Accords, health and social welfare are under the jurisdiction of the Palestinian Authority, not the Israeli government.

Solar panels at one of the projects of Enlight Renewable Energy

Gila Gamliel publishes video discussing green energy between Israel, US

In the video, she spoke about technologies being developed in Israel in the field of renewable energy storage.


Lockdown, according to Google

The current closure, imposed in late December, has affected almost exclusively the retail sector (including restaurants, cafes and recreation).


Grapevine: United in devotion

Movers and shakers in Israeli society.

Grand Mufti’s Jerusalem mansion to become synagogue

The synagogue will be part of a future 56-apartment Jewish neighborhood in east Jerusalem.


Yad Vashem marks Int'l Holocaust Remembrance Day 2021

A number of poignant new online activities and content have been unveiled.


Balfour protests: When rights of protesters shatter rights of neighbors

Tensions reach a boiling point between residents and those anti-Netanyahu protesters camped outside his residence on Balfour Street.


This week in Jerusalem - A round-up of city affairs

What has been going on in Israel's capital this week?


Tali Friedman: Leading the men at Mahaneh Yehuda market

As of two months ago, Friedman became the first woman to be elected chair of the Mahaneh Yehuda Merchants’ Association.


Arrivals - A panoramic view

Shai Rubin - From Atlanta to Beit Shemesh, 2012


Aharon David Gordon - New access to a compelling early Zionist

Unfortunately, there is little available on Gordon for the English reader, until now.


Israel's annual motor vehicle inspections - explainer

Do you have a safety vest? Inflated spare tire and tool kit?


Israeli autonomous drones safeguard power grid in hurricane-prone Florida

Monitoring technology provides potentially lifesaving assistance


With Biden in the White House, these Israeli Elections will be different

Experts are divided on whether US President Joe Biden will try to tip the scales in favor of any candidate


Tu Bishvat: For the first time ever, plant a tree via Zoom

Planting a tree in the Land of Israel has great meaning and creates a profound connection between the person planting the tree and the land.

Tu Bishvat: Trees in Jerusalem & the Judean Hills

A census of Jerusalem trees undertaken seven years ago by the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel reported that some 4,900 trees in the city that are at least a half-century old.

Shekels and dollars

Off the books: Underreporting income to survive in the corona age

‘If the government is screwing me over, why should I feel bad about screwing the government back a little bit?’


Kedma: The non-profit filling in the gaps with compassion

Kedma has been helping gap-year students find meaning and connection since before the coronavirus pandemic.

Donald Trump and Joe Biden

From Trump to Biden; from West Bank annexation to Israeli apartheid

The settlement movement is now almost precisely where it was four years ago and in some ways it is in an even worse position.

Haim Ramon: Former minister's autobiography blows through history

New autobiography tells how the former minister repeatedly pushed, sometimes changed history, and sometimes just turned people off.


Israel's ‘Queen’s Gambit’: Young female chess players of the Jewish State

The newly trendy game of chess has had a home in the Jewish state for years.


Israel Start-Up Nation geared up for season

Blue-and-white cycling team newcomer Chris Froome committed for long term, wants 5th Tour title

Donald Trump and Joe Biden

For Israelis to remember: Biden is not Trump, nor Obama - analysis

If beginnings are any indication, however, Israel already has something positive to lean on.


US Embassy changes, then changes back Twitter name

The name changed sparked speculation on social media that the Biden administration had forced the change, though the title had not been changed on the embassy website.

‘Trafficked’ digs into Tel Aviv’s underworld

The eight-parter takes viewers into some of the darkest, most hostile and most dangerous places on planet Earth.


Coronavirus: Almost 800 people dead in 2021

Two health funds start to open appointments for the vaccines to 35 year-olds.

L-R) Yifat Alon Perel, Minister of Economic and Trade Affairs at the Israeli Embassy, Washington, DC

Optimism in Israel for Biden's economic policies

The new administration is expected to continue to build on Israel's normalization agreements with the Gulf countries.


US Ambassador to Israel bids farewell with trip to Western Wall

Friedman came full circle, as when he began his role as ambassador, landing in Israel in May of 2017, his first act was to pray at the Western Wall.

The smashed window of the police car in the ultra-Orthodox Ezrat Torah neighborhood in Jerusalem, as

Police clash again with ultra-Orthodox extremists for COVID-19 violations

17 arrested in clash at Satmar hassidic school in Jerusalem.

Visibly pregnant 34-year-old Narkis receives her coronavirus vaccine in Tel Aviv, January 21, 2021.

Coronavirus in Israel: Over half a million already got both shots

Some Israeli health funds to vaccinate people 35-years-young * 2,8 million Israelis already got at least the first

Ultra-Orthodox cities have lowest number of COVID-19 fines

Ultra-Orthodox cities have been the sites of some of the most severe COVID-19 outbreaks in the country

Redesign the JPOST logo for Tu BiShvat!

The top 10 logos receiving the most votes online will be presented to an expert panel of judges who will declare the final winner.

MK Yoav Kisch of the Likud speaks to supporters on Gideon Saar's Likud leadership campaign opening e

Deputy health minister warns COVID could postpone election

Liberman: Netanyahu wants to make himself a dictator


Friedman: Israel needs 'guard rails' against Chinese investment

“I think Israelis understand the threat China presents to the world.”

‘Being an LGBT-friendly company takes more than most employers think’

"Being inclusive is so much more than tolerance. It means making sure that the company culture is inclusive, that its policies are inclusive, and that it offers equal visibility to all workers."


IDF preparing for large-scale war simulation drill this summer

There is also an important message to be conveyed to Hezbollah in the north, the Syrians in the east, and obviously to Iran, both in proximity and in distance.

A wintery storm of rain and hail hits Jerusalem, Israel

Israel's stormy weather reaches mid-week peak

Winter has, indeed, come. This chilly week kicked off with flooding, extreme winds and rain, and this pattern is expected to continue into the weekend.

MAJOR LEAGUER and Israel Olympic National Team catcher Ryan Lavarnway (center) coaches young Israeli

Field of Peace launched to unite Israeli and UAE youth

Israel Baseball Association and Dubai Little League announce new baseball tournament to take place in both countries.

Coronavirus in Israel: Lockdown extended until the end of January

Over 10,000 new cases recorded in 24 hours * Death toll stands at 4,080

Meet the former lone soldiers helping olim understand their rights

The struggle focuses on creating both an immediate and long-term solution.

A European Union flag flies outside the European Commission headquarters in Brussels, Belgium, Decem

EU fumes as Israel pushes back at Biden with over 2,000 settler homes

Azari: "No such thing as a settlement in east Jerusalem"

Trump-era ends without West Bank settler outpost legalization

International concern has grown over the settlements, out of fear that their construction could make it difficult for Biden to relaunch Israeli-Palestinian talks.

Jerusalem Deputy Mayor Hagit Moshe to head Bayit Yehudi

First woman ever to head a religious party * Smotrich invited her to discuss having their parties run together in the elections.


COVID-19 underlines rabbis control over ultra-Orthodox, not the state

Less than two weeks ago, Netanyahu phoned Kanievsky junior to implore that his grandfather, for the first time during the pandemic, call for schools in the ultra-Orthodox sector to be closed.

Basketball and soccer leagues set to resume despite lockdown

Despite extension of lockdown, Israeli sports teams get nod to resume play • Maccabi Tel Aviv close to signing Cline.

By Uriel Sturm

COVID-19 highlights the haredi fissure in Israeli society - analysis

Deri realizes that the type of behavior being broadcast nightly into the homes of frustrated and angry Israelis could lead to a backlash against the haredi public.

Prof. Yaron Zelekha

Itzik Shmuli rules out run for Labor leadership, leaving party

Yaron Zelekha running with three professors.


Israel Police clash with ultra-Orthodox COVID-19 regulation violators

Ultra-Orthodox rabbinic leadership calls for community to get COVID-19 vaccine as soon as possible.

Third time's the charm? Another Israeli receives COVID vaccine overdose

The incident comes less than a week after a 67-year-old woman from Jerusalem received five doses of the Pfizer vaccine in one inoculation.

After 50 years, Netanya orchestra fights to survive lack of funds

After a 50-year history of full performance seasons throughout Israel, the NKO is confronted with the possibility of extinction.


Who is Dainius Adomaitis?

New Hapoel Jerusalem coach from Lithuania has big shoes to fill after taking over from Katash.


Israel starts vaccinating 40-year-olds, aims at 250,000 shots per day

As of Tuesday, 2.2 million Israelis have been inoculated, including 422,000 people who have had both doses.

Does Pfizer's deal with Israel on coronavirus research harm privacy?

It is unclear whether the government will follow or ignore recommendations from the Helsinki Committee.

First time: National Insurance Institute buys works of disabled artists

“I hope a day will come in which all government offices will display art made by people with disabilities,” one artist said.

In blow to Netanyahu, settler leader leaves Likud for New Hope Party

Elhayani: Netanyahu rejected Likud values; New Hope the home for those who believe in a Likud with the values of Begin and Shamir.

Building an Amazon store, for 'normal' Israelis

A lot of people dream of setting up a store on Amazon, but it is a lot more difficult than it looks.


By most measures, Jews have better quality of life than Arabs - report

This was the first year in which CBS compared data in this way.


Dizengoff Center to grant 'green passports' to visitors as protest

As part of the joke, visitors to the mall will receive the 'passport' that will allow them to enter all shops.

Israeli woman gives birth to twins in bathroom overnight

"It was an interesting experience," the new mother said.


Yiddish-style ‘God Bless America’ celebrates presidential inauguration

Berlin originally wrote “God Bless America” for a musical revue while he was serving in the US Army in 1918.

Gantz: Wide-scale settler outpost legalization 'irresponsible'

The defense minister spoke amid a push by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to place the issue on the government's agenda.

A patient is comforted by a doctor in hospital.

Coronavirus in Israel: Pregnant woman transferred as hospital beds lack

As of Monday, there are 14 people intubated in the coronavirus treatment units.

Former IDF paratrooper wins about $1 million in poker

Herzog credits much of his success to his military service, where he spent three years as a paratrooper.

Cyberattacks could disable Israeli academic institutions: INCD

The warning comes after a cyberattack targeted Ben-Gurion University earlier in January.


Vast majority of Israelis say social media discourse is violent - poll

Two-thirds believe online discourse has become more radicalized since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic.


Efsharibari program working to combat health effects of COVID lockdowns

Some 54 local authorities, including about five million residents, were participating in the Efsharibari in the City program as of January 2021.

Netanyahu’s COVID-19 fatal flights of folly - analysis

As many as two-third of returnees did not adhere to the quarantine requirement.

Dugit Beach along the coast of the Kinneret, Jan. 2021

Kinneret rises by 4.5 cm, to 1.05 meters below the upper red line

Further rainfall and snowfall is expected on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Israel's Knesset

Almost 40% of Israelis think Capitol riot could occur in Israel - poll

The Darkenu movement also asked additional related questions on the topic of political assassinations in Israel.


Jerusalem, Dubai, Barcelona look to travel tech to save tourism industry

Group of cities, which also includes Johannesburg, Lisbon and Paris, launches international forum aimed at reviving global tourism sector.


Israeli chef Assaf Granit's Paris restaurant receives Michelin star

Within three months of opening in 2019, Shabour was rated as the Paris’s best restaurant, according to French daily Le Figaro’s gastronomical guide, Le Figaroscope.

UK, Egypt warn Israeli settlement activity could harm peace efforts

Plans were advanced just three days before US President-elect Joe Biden is set to take office on January 20.


Police now believe Dubai-based Israeli behind failed cocaine smuggling

Last November, Israeli media reported the biggest ever failed smuggling attempt of cocaine into Israel.

Hagai El-Ad, Executive Director of B'Tselem, a leading Israeli human rights organisation

B'Tselem spoke at Haifa school despite education minister's ban

Last week, B'Tselem called Israel an apartheid state for the first time since it was founded 31 years ago.


Israel's Health Ministry deputy D-G: Balance key in COVID-19 response

Grotto: No problem sharing information with Pfizer

Ben-Gurion Airport is empty amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Four-hour ‘Check2Fly’ tests to launch right after lockdown

The announcement comes after the Health Ministry approved the rapid tests on January 7.

TikTok video leads police to two minors suspected of abusing puppies

On Sunday the Aruar Police Station received a complaint of animal abuse together with a TikTok video showing two individuals torturing young puppies.

Rishon edges Jerusalem in Balkan League

Strong final frame boosts Goodes’s club over Reds • Holon advances by disposing Hapoel Tel Aviv.


Saudi Arabia hosts Israeli racers for Dakar Rally after new inroads

The rally website listed the teams as Belgian and American - a possible indicator of official reluctance to publicize an Israeli presence.

Stones placed in remembrance lie on grave tablets on the Mount of Olives Jewish cemetary as the sun

Adelson was buried on Mount of Olives – why not renovate this holy site?

Adelson's wish to be buried on the Mount of Olives shows his clear love of the Holy City of Jerusalem, ICHH claims.

‘Umm al-Hiran incident imperfect, but reasonable’

Nissenkorn: PM failed at politicizing case to attack Shai Nitzan.

Synagogue broken into in Petah Tikva, Dec. 18, 2021

Two synagogues in Petah Tikvah vandalized

"The feeling is terrible, it is a feeling of pain and deep crying."


City of David recognized as 'testament' to US Judeo-Christian heritage

"We are fulfilling another, larger purpose: to unify Americans around our foundational principles and values."

Palestinian Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh  in Ramallah. August 25, 2020

Shtayyeh: Israel must allow Jerusalem Arabs to participate in elections

The PA will also ask the European Union to send observers to monitor the elections, Shtayyeh added.

A Boeing KC-46A Pegasus sits on the tarmac at Boeing facilities at Boeing Field in this aerial photo

As Israeli major aircraft deal held up, US purchases more KC-46 tankers

The company delivered the first KC-46A to the Air Force in January 2019. Since then, Boeing has delivered 42 tankers to four different bases.

The Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at Kaplan Medical Center in Rehovot, January 18, 2021.

Coronavirus in Israel: 16-year-old in ICU from COVID-19 complications

"It is important to understand that the pandemic is not over, and it might even be harsher among young adults."

Ichilov Medical team at the coronavirus unit, in the Ichilov hospital, Tel Aviv, Israel, July 28, 20

Rivlin meets with heads of public hospitals

Hospitals have been suffering for months from financial deficits that have now reached the lowest ebb.

Snow at the Hermon Mountain ski site, Jan. 18, 2021

Kinneret rises by 3.5 cm amid wet winter weather

On Sunday night, about two centimeters of snow fell on Mount Hermon.


Netanyahu: There has never been a greater ambassador than David Friedman

Netanyahu thanked Friedman for "fixing the injustices and discrimination that the diplomatic world has subjected Israel to over the years.

Yoav Gallant

Gallant: Groups that call Israel ‘apartheid state’ barred from schools

The decision was made a day before a planned online lecture by B’Tselem’s director-general Hagai El-Ad at Hebrew Reali School in Haifa.

THE HADASSAH-UNIVERSITY Medical Center campus is seen in Ein Kerem.

Baby born to coronavirus patient dies two days later

According to the hospital, the woman in her ninth month of pregnancy was struggling with a serious case of coronavirus.

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