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Netanyahu, Gantz voice mixed messages to Austin in Jerusalem

Israel is getting proficient at providing the split-screen moment.

KKL-JNF building in Jerusalem

KKL-JNF approves West Bank land purchases, pending final authorization

Back in February, the KKL-JNF Board of Directors voted to approve – in principle – KKL-JNF land purchases in the West Bank, for the first time in the organization’s history.

LGBTQ flag

22-year-old assaulted by 15 suspects due to sexual orientation - report

According to the victim, he was leaving the bar after meeting his friends and was walking toward his car when 15 suspects jumped him and began punching and beating him.

A masked student raises her hand on her first day back in school, November 1, 2020.

Coronavirus: 100 doctors express opposition to vaccinating children

The signatories stressed that children should be allowed to return to routine without needing the vaccine.

Settler leader, Sudanese Ambassador meet after Israel boycott rescinded

The Samaria Regional Council head met with a Sudanese official in a move that signaled that the country's fledging normalized ties with Israel would also include the settlements.

Entry permits for foreign nationals now being granted, applicants say

Previously, unvaccinated foreign nationals could get entry permits provided they quarantined for the requisite amount of time.

Aryeh Deri during Shas Conference on February 10th, 2019

Shas leader demands term as prime minister

Netanyahu puts Deri in charge of wooing Sa’ar.

PM Benjamin Netanyahu and Education Minister Naftali Bennet

More than words: Why it matters Netanyahu and Bennett met in English

For two men who truly despise each other, perhaps it takes the language of Shakespeare to sit together while plotting how to stab the other in the back.

New olim are seen having arrived in Israel

Brexit creating problems and financial risks for UK olim

Perhaps more serious is that the protection offered by a UK government-backed compensation scheme for investors who place funds with offshore insurance companies ended on December 31, 2020.

The entrance of the International Criminal Court (ICC) is seen in The Hague March 3, 2011.

Settlers to tell ICC West Bank not occupied, Israel good for Palestinians

The initiative is not intended to be a formal response to the ICC proceedings or to supplant any actions by the Israeli Foreign Ministry.

Construction ministry launches renovation project for Holocaust survivors

Some 125 privately-owned and public housing apartments will be made more accessible as part of the project.

Ofer Cassif

Joint List MKs to be sworn in on Monday

Bills submitted to take alternate PM post from Gantz.

Joint List MK Ofer Cassif after his brutal attack by police in Jerusalem, April 9, 2021.

Joint List MK Cassif beaten, stepped on by police in Jerusalem - Watch

"When violence comes from the very people meant to protect the law, and is selective in nature, the violence becomes twice as bad," Cassif said.

Police officer who confessed to killing his wife found fit to stand trial

Diana's mother and sister, who were present during the discussion, were heard shouting toward Raz: "Raise your head, open your eyes, you've killed your own kids!"

One casualty in car explosion in Holon, police investigating - report

Magen David Adom (MDA) paramedics pronounced the unidentified victim's death on the scene.


Paws and pandemic: The coronavirus impact on Israel’s animal abuse crisis

“Sadly, we see cases of animal abuse all year long."


New in Israel: File your annual tax return online

The new system eliminates the need to physically submit the report with attached documents, and is available for filing for 2019, 2020 and onwards, the authority said.

The Journal de Morges newspaper comes out the KBA rotary press at the Centre d'Impression Lausanne

Understanding the politics and messaging of leaks about military ops

The context of leaks and timing is important. Do they occur before the incident, or after? Who is leaking?

Talon raises $26m. in largest Israeli seed-funding round ever

The seed funding will allow the company to further develop its technology and expand the development team.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at Yad Vashem's Holocaust Remembrance Day ceremony, April 7, 2021.

Netanyahu denies rumors he will give PM job to Bennett

"They are not real," the spokesman said of the two options reported. "We have denied the report."

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Shin Bet Director Nadav Argaman at an awards ceremony for the

Shin Bet chief term extended a few months, after PM's new pick blocked

Nadav Argaman’s term was extended after Netanyahu’s expected new pick for the role was blocked by a combination of factors.

12-year-old British immigrant Yazmine Bloch

12-year-old girl raises NIS 70,000 for ALYN Hospital for her Bat Mitzvah

With coronavirus keeping guests from attending her coming-of-age ceremony, Yazmine Bloch requested that the gift money be donated to help children with disabilities at ALYN Orthopedic Hospital.

The stolen cattle found by Border Police on Highway 6 in the north, April 11, 2021.

Livestock cruelly stuffed into car, three men arrested - watch

When police opened it, they found a total of 88 animals in the cattle car, including 50 fully-grown goats and 30 kids, as well as eight sheep, all with an estimated value of NIS 100,000.

Bank Hapoalim

Bank Hapoalim named Israel's best bank by Global Finance

Global Finance chose winners based on which banks were able to meet the needs of their clients in challenging markets.

Happy birthday Tel Aviv! The city turns 112 on Sunday

In 1909, families gathered on the beach outside Jaffa and planned a neighborhood they called Ahuzat Bayit that later came to be known as Tel Aviv.

Tel Aviv Pride Parade announced without municipality's knowledge

"They can call it pizza, it will not turn it into pizza. The parade is our brand," said an official in the Tel Aviv Municipality.

COVID: As crime rates drop, domestic, sexual offense rates rise

There was an 11.6% spike in domestic offenses and a rise in sexual offenses.


Lag Ba’omer: There will be no entry limit at Mount Meron

In 2020, coronavirus restrictions saw the mountain closed to prevent mass gatherings, with only three bonfires allowed.

A bus burning from Molotov cocktails in the east-Jerusalem neighborhood of Isawiya, April 9, 2021.

Bus driver attacked with stones, Molotov cocktails in east Jerusalem

"The day in which a bus driver will get killed is closer than ever."

Gallant to push to open schools in full right after Independence Day

The government rolled out a series of new reliefs for schools late Thursday night.

Protesters forcibly removed from outside Rivlin's residence

Clashes broke out between police and the demonstrators after an attempt to hang a banner that read "Liar" on the premise.

Israelis take part in a demonstration in support of the 16 year old victim of a gang rape in Eilat a

Charges re-filed against rapist who accused ex of murdering Tair Rada

Ola was publicly accused several times of the murder of Tair Rada, 14, in 2006, by the creators of a true-crime series "Shadow of Truth," basing their claim solely on the testimony of her rapist.

Italian Zodiac clock

Horoscopes for Iyar 5781: Lighting the way to soul-healing

Resist the temptation to blow off steam at whatever moves.


Maiden voyage – a tribute to the vaccination nation

The cruises are only for fully vaccinated Israeli adults and children with a negative PCR test. All crew members are vaccinated.


Hadassah ophthalmologist first Israeli to win top ARVO award

Prof. Jacob Peer, head of the Onco-Ophthalmology department at Hadassah, won the Joanne G. Angle award.

Vaccinated Israeli quarantining in Irish hotel claims unlawful detention

Aviezer had traveled to Ireland to be with her fiancee, and to begin a new job in Cork at the end of the month. She holds citizenship in Israel, the United States and Switzerland.

Israel refused trans woman transfer to women's prison, cited 'appearance'

During her time at Nitzan, she experienced repeated harassment from other prisoners on the basis of her gender identity, things she would not have received in a women's prison.

Russia honors Israeli youth group for World War II veteran education

HaNoar HaOved VeHaLomed received an award from the Russian government for their educational activity about World War II veterans just in time for Holocaust Remembrance Day.

Activists restore memorial of IDF soldier following murderer's release

An event was held in honor of Moshe Tamam, which included his mother Galia and brother Oren, members of Im Tirtzu, IDF soldiers and residents from nearby towns.

Israeli ambulance driver saves three lives in one day

Being the owner of his own private ambulance with all equipment required for medical emergencies, Merizan was able to arrive at the locations of the patients to save their lives quickly.

EU ambassador to Israel holds Holocaust memorial event in living room

Memory in the living room is a project in which small groups gather in a private home to talk about their family's experience with the holocaust.

How soon before the inevitable Biden-Israel showdown?

US-ISRAEL AFFAIRS: US restoration of financial assistance to the Palestinians is just the first roll of a stone that could become an avalanche.

David Lavi's workshop cancelled in Karnei Shomron in homophobic incident

Karnei Shomron Council head Yigal Lahav later confirmed the cancellation was due to Lavi's sexual orientation.

Border police dog

Border Police dog Cezar helps find stolen weapon, later destroyed - Watch

Cezar is considered the most accomplished dog in the Border Police dog unit, having the highest amount of findings of any dog in the unit.

Elor Azaria

Hebron shooter Elor Azaria opens bakery after his prison sentence ended

Videos of the incident, which went viral and brought widespread international condemnation.

High Court lets Gallant deny Israel Prize to pro-BDS math professor

Critics of the decision called on the remaining Israel Prize winners to refuse to accept their prizes in solidarity with Prof. Goldreich.

El Al announces new flights to multiple countries

The list of cities to which El-Al provides flights will be updated at the end of June.

Israel Police investigating suspected hate crime in Bedouin village

Under the writing, vandals also Spray-painted a Star of David.

A TORCH burns on Jerusalem’s Mount Herzl, 2017

Gabriela Sztrigler Lew to be Israel’s 73rd Independence Day torchbearer

"As a Jewish woman, it means the world to me to be part of an emergency response team. Since I was little, I always dreamed of making a change in the world," she said.


Mandelblit: Appoint Justice minister to avoid coronavirus prison outbreak

Mandelblit urged Netanyahu and Gantz "once again" to appoint a Justice Minister as quickly as possible.

Israel's coalition snafu: 6 ways to end the ongoing political impasse

POLITICAL AFFAIRS: There remain at least six options for preventing additional elections and stopping influencers around the world from pitying our political quagmire.


Remembrance Day: 43 fallen IDF soldiers in the past year

Remembrance Day ceremonies will be restricted this year due to COVID-19.


Israel medics, hospital simulate terror scenario in surprise drill

The beach exercise was for the purpose of training first responders and medical staff from all organizations involved in how to respond to a terror attack resulting in mass casualties.

Asi Rosenberg, 42, signs millionth Adi card

Millionth person signs Adi organ donor card

The Adi card represents signees' willingness to donate their organs after their deaths.

Four Seasons to open a location in Israel - report

The location will be about a 10 minute walk from the beach.

Sheba Medical Center team at the Coronavirus isolation ward of Sheba Medical Center unit, in Ramat G

Sheba begins closing coronavirus emergency room as infection rates fall

Israel's first coronavirus patients were quarantined at Sheba Medical Center in February, after returning from the Diamond Princess cruise ship.


'Hasmhii Kol': Making the voices of women heard against domestic violence

While Maayan Rabani Neeman is not happy with the remuneration shortfall, she is far more concerned with the physical abuse meted out to women on a regular basis around the world


Israeli Vocal Ensemble springs back to life

Despite the long break in performing, the choir members didn’t sit in despair during the drought season with their mouths tightly shut.


Iran, trial, coalition: The triple winds buffeting Netanyahu

DIPLOMATIC AFFAIRS: These are just some of the prime minister's problems.

Battalion commanders exercise new combat skills at the “expose and destroy” seminar in Tze’elim in A

IDF establishes ‘expose and destroy’ companies for the modern battlefield

‘This is a revolution, something the happens once in a generation'

SCALES OF JUSTICE decorate the International Criminal Court building in The Hague, Netherlands, in 2

Israel's internal fight over its soul before the ICC - analysis

Below are seven challenges that sources indicate Israel's leaders are wrestling with:

The onus is on Bennett to undo the divisions Netanyahu caused

MIDDLE ISRAEL: A post-Netanyahu coalition’s main task will be to restore the consensus he set out to destroy.

Population in Israel, 1948-2019

What is Israel's population like in 2021?

Happy celebrations, Center or periphery.


Israel knows how to talk to ICC without legitimizing it - ex-IDF lawyer

STRATEGIC AFFAIRS: Eli Bar-On reveals how top IDF legal officials view biggest challenges, including next ICC prosecutor Khan.

A newsstand in Manhattan outfitted with ‘Fake News’ headlines was a stunt by ‘Columbia Journalism'

Grapevine: Smolenskin Clarification

Movers and shakers in Israeli society.

This Week in Jerusalem: Green light

Vandalism, language, and memorials.

Joint list party member Ahmad Tibi speaks during a press conference presenting the Joint list hebrew

Tibi leaves Holocaust commemoration event as Ben-Gvir reads victims' names

Tibi, who opposes Israel as a specifically Jewish state, is fiercely antagonistic towards Ben-Gvir and his far-right, ultra-nationalist party which seeks to encourage Arab emigration from Israel.

Mayo to Med: Israel returns sea turtles after tar cleanup - Watch

Tube-fed mayonnaise served to expel oil that had been swallowed or inhaled by the snappers, while wipes and cotton buds were used to remove tar from animals' eyes, noses and mouths.

The entrance of the International Criminal Court (ICC) is seen in The Hague March 3, 2011.

Israel responds to ICC: You have no jurisdiction over us

Jerusalem has pointed to its own independent judiciary capable of trying soldiers who commit war crimes.

Shin Bet deputy chief R: Mossad, Shin Bet, IDF borders may need redo

Sharing intel so crucial, could even justify exposing assets.

Remembrance day, loved one’s legacies live on

There is no single way to convey feelings. That certainly holds true when trying to sum up a person’s life, and their accrued emotional baggage and legacy, in a matter of just a few minutes.

Stef Wertheimer

Who is Israel's wealthiest billionaire in 2021?

Some 21 Israelis made this year's list, with Stef Wertheimer at the top.

New Knesset member Avi Maoz seen at the Knesset , ahead of the opening Knesset session of the new go

Noam head verbally attacked at Holocaust Remembrance Day ceremony

"Are you not ashamed to attend such a ceremony in memory of those who were burned in the Holocaust? Too bad you live, and that your parents were not burned there," the attacker cursed at him.

WHILE SCOTTIE WILBEKIN (center) and Maccabi Tel Aviv provided some Euroleague highlights this season

Subpar Euroleague campaign for Maccabi Tel Aviv

With high hopes after last year’s condensed continental success, yellow-and-blue falls flat.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu lay a wreath during a ceremony held at the Yad Vashem Holo

Holocaust Remembrance Day: Netanyahu tells the story of Sara's father

"We told him, 'Go back, visit your hometown Bilgoraj [Poland].' He never went back. He didn't want to go back, he wanted to retell."

The Alon Command Center

IDF corona unit head tells ‘Post’ his unit cut down deaths by 25-30%

"Corona is not over yet, and we are ready for every possible scenario," he said.


Wine Talk: Eat, drink and be merry

Perhaps the sagest advice of how to enjoy yourself on Yom Ha’atzma’ut was found on a 6th century BCE wine chalice discovered in Cyprus. 'Be Happy, Drink Well.'

Rabbis for Human Rights former president assaulted by Jewish hilltop youth

Video footage of the incident shows a number of hilltop youth surrounding Ascherman when a masked suspect suddenly runs toward him and begins repeatedly beating him with a long wooden club.

30-year-old stabbed in chest after asking passenger to wear mask on bus

The suspect, a resident of Tiberias, is known to the police, but does not have a criminal record.

Jerusalem Biblical Zoo welcomes birth of rare Javan langur monkey

Javan langur numbers have been declining due to deforestation and exotic animal hunting and trafficking.

Chess pieces

Online chess event takes place in honor of Holocaust Remembrance Day

Participating nations included Sudan, Morocco, Indonesia, Abu Dhabi and others who do not have diplomatic ties with Israel.


Coronavirus: Non-Israeli citizens can visit their families in Israel

Non-Israelis who can prove their direct relationship to a citizen or permanent resident may now enter Israel.

The entrance of the International Criminal Court (ICC) is seen in The Hague March 3, 2011.

Israel fails to decide on response to ICC with 2 days to deadline

They plan to hold a further meeting before the April 9 deadline.

Pfizer CEO turns down offer to light Independence Day torch - report

He will participate in the event through a video that he will record in advance.

Israel stands in silence with Holocaust Remembrance Day siren

Traffic came to a stand still as the nation stood in place

Young Israelis reflect on the Holocaust

As the number of Holocaust survivors dwindle, education changes


Holocaust event highlights survivors, attended by Romanian Ambassador

"The Holocaust and can not be explained to a stranger, a stranger who was not there can never truly understand what happened"

Moufleta: the traditional Mimouna pancake

Moroccan Ambassador to Israel celebrates Mimouna with Israelis - watch

"Your holiday is our holiday," Beyyoudh, emphasizing the historic position he's been given in bridging Morocco and Israel.

Hairdresser Jeje Jouly Touk has switched customers from humans to dogs.

COVID-19 made Arab Israeli hairdresser switch customers from humans to dogs

COVID-19 restrictions on beauty salons left her jobless, so she became a professional dog groomer, a relatively rare occupation for an woman from Israel's Arab community.

Naftali Bennett, head of Yamina party and party members seen with Yamina supporters at the party hea

Bennett's strategy: Make Smotrich fall guy for Netanyahu losing power

Bennett source: "We are working on building a government under Netanyahu and with his bloc. But it can only advance the moment that Smotrich will find a solution to his problem with Mansour Abbas."


Netanyahu: Israel won't be bound by deal which allows Iran a nuclear bomb

“To our best friends I saw - an agreement with Iran which paves its way to nuclear weapons that threaten us with destruction - an agreement like this will not bind us,” vowed the prime minister.

Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu seen as he arrives for a court hearing at the District Cou

Netanyahu’s judges lost patience with the defense - analysis

A one-year trial could mean Netanyahu is on his last legs no matter what happens with coalition machinations, whereas a three-year trial means he could continue to be the major player.

The Duvdevan unit of the IDF carrying out an arrest

Charges against soldiers for invasive search on Palestinian woman dropped

Littman said that the investigation found insufficient evidence to bring charges against the two female soldiers who performed the cavity search, one of whom is a doctor.

Interest in aliyah from US soars despite pandemic-era challenges

“We’ve seen unprecedented interest since spring 2020,” said Marc Rosenberg, “past national or international events sparked inquiries and applications, but never like this.”

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