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Parents' income, not smarts, key to entrepreneurship - study

Research like this is an early part of a process that can eventually turn into government planning.


Infighting likely to harm Fatah’s chances of winning election

Dozens of Fatah activists throughout the West Bank and Gaza Strip have threatened to run as independents if they are excluded from the official Fatah list.

Moroccan artist Chama Mechtaly is building aesthetic bridges

The Dubai-based Moroccan visual artist sees a new golden age for the newly peaceful region, with art showcasing indigenous Jewish history and Muslim influences.

Israeli company develops system to identify, track cannabis strains

On Monday, Tikun Olam Cannbit unveiled its new Cannabis Genetic Fingerprint (CGF) system, which the company hails as a "game changer" for the cannabis industry.

Israel places 35th on global corruption index

Israel ranked 25th out of the 37-member countries of the OECD, the report noted.


Abrahamic Business Circle to hold members workshop in Dubai

The event provides members with a global network of contacts to raise capital, buy and sell companies, locate potential investments, joint ventures, distribution, and new clients.

Olive tree selected as Israel's 'national tree' by KKL-JNF

The Olive trees in Israel have been around for centuries if not millennia.

CENTCOM chief arriving in Israel for talks with Kochavi on Iran

McKenzie’s arrival – he is scheduled to spend one day in Israel – is the first high-level visit by a top American official since Joe Biden was sworn in as president last week.

Haredim outraged after satirical show pokes fun at Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky

The show largely focused on the government's failure to get parts of the ultra-Orthodox community to follow coronavirus regulations.

Women and children carry Torah scrolls from an old synagogue building to a new building in Nabagoye,

Jewish leaders condemn Israel’s rejection of Ugandan Jews from immigrating

The ultimate ruling in his case could have far-ranging ramifications for Jews living outside of Israel.


Moving drama ‘Driveways’ features Brian Dennehy in one of his last roles

While Driveways is hardly the first movie about the gradually developing bond between a gruff older man and a cute, precocious kid, it’s too delicate and sure-footed to be reduced to a formulaic description.

THE CAST of ‘Line in the Sand.’

Cop drama ‘Line in the Sand’ is worth crossing

The prolific photographer began his career in the 1970s in print journalism, specializing in fashion, however, his true calling came with his discovery of the performing arts.

Grapevine: Disturbing demonstrations

Movers and shakers in Israeli society.

COVID forces Haim Gozali, Israeli MMA fighter, out of retirement

Gozali, who was the first Israeli MMA (mixed martial arts) fighter to do battle at Madison Square Garden, will make his bare-knuckle fighting debut on February 5 in Tampa, Florida.


Moshe Moskowitz - Dreaming with eyes wide open

IN HIS long life, Moshko experienced and embodied the entire spectrum of Zionism.


Yiscah Shuah - A skillful, selfless giver tragically dies

As one of her patients told me, ‘She was simply an angel.’

By Rivkah Lambert Adler

‘From Destruction to Redemption’ - A film director’s recollections

Here are my recollections of one memorable film that involved the city of Jerusalem, stored at the Steven Spielberg Jewish Film Archive.


US Embassy in Jerusalem plans ambitious expansion

Jerusalem has green-lighted building permits that may reshape the city – for better and for worse.

Veterans - The wonder years

Ivan and Robynne Rendel From Johannesburg via Efrat to Kochav YAIR, 1980

A Star Wars fan dressed in costume as Darth Vader

Jedi twists - New book explores the Star Wars universe 200 years earlier

Star Wars: The High Republic – Light of the Jedi is the new first novel – the toe in the water of what Lucasfilm hopes will become an entirely separate Star Wars narrative.


First Among Nations - A novel's complex view of soccer and coexistence

The novel presents a multifaceted Israel far more complex than often portrayed globally.

Observations: The less I know, the less I worry

How much do you need to know? How much do you want to know? How much is it good to know?


Man’s best friend has much to teach our children‏

For the longest time I have wanted to bring a dog home for my children. That is because dogs give us more than love. They teach us how to live.

Intel’s offices in Petah Tikva

Intel Israel marks best financial year ever, give employees huge bonuses

Israeli employees of the multinational technology corporation Intel can be at ease, having recently received bonuses reaching nearly 3 times their usual salaries.

Life in the shadow of the Shoah

As this week is International Holocaust Remembrance week, indulge me as I reflect on how the Shoah has permeated every stage my life.


Valentine's Day gifts - Flowers, chocolate & hearts

We don’t have much to celebrate these days, so why not surround ourselves with love?


For some people, aliyah begins at 90

Lea Landerer and Alice Even have lived through difficult times and returned to Israel with their children’s help and the assistance of Nefesh B’Nefesh. Aliyah, it seems, is not just for kids.

Three Ladies, Three Lattes: Still coffee-ing after all these years

This is our 60th column together, and it’s been challenging (to say the least) working on explosive topics.


Oholei Menchaem - The Chabad school blazing a trail with secular subjects

In normal times, when coronavirus is not disrupting our lives, children of Tel Aviv lawyers play soccer with children of rabbis during recess before sitting down for their Talmud class.


Mikve Israel - Israel's first village looks to the future

As Mikve Israel, Israel’s first village, celebrates 150 years, we take a journey into nature to find out how the school and agricultural center is preparing for its future.


Nadav Eyal: An Israeli liberal response to a global ideological debate

When it comes to the political populism that has spread around the world in recent years, which Eyal says should really be called nationalism, Israel is in a different situation.

Israel's ultra-Orthodox and the future of the state

In a generation – or less – it will be too late to change the future, as the ultra-Orthodox population moves from 10% of the population to 20% and beyond.


AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine plant partially evacuated due to bomb threat

AstraZeneca has agreed to supply Britain with 100 million doses of the vaccine.

Benny Gantz

Gantz presents new IDF draft outline, aims to include haredim, Arabs

"Each and every person will give two years in the sake of unity, everyone will serve two years, for the sake of our society.”

Border Police go about coronavirus inspections in Mea Shearim, a haredi neighborhood in Jerusalem.

Police warn hassidic communities not to hold Tu Bishvat celebrations

Senior rabbinic leadership of mainstream ultra-Orthodox community says going to protests riot is forbidden.

A wintery storm of rain and hail hits Jerusalem, Israel

COVID-19: Gov't to meet Thursday on extending lockdown, airport closure

Israel land borders are going to close on Thursday • Patients in serious condition still over 1,100, as hospitals struggle with overload • 35-year-olds will be able to get vaccinated

Ashkenazi warns against ‘confrontational’ Israeli approach to Biden

FM says military option against Iran must be on the table, and speaks on panel with UAE, Bahrain counterparts.

IDF Chief Kochavi: Return to Iran 2015 nuclear deal is strategic mistake

Iran’s jumps in enriching uranium could eventually bring it to be "only weeks" away from a nuclear bomb.

Alternate Prime Minister and Minister of Defense Benny Gantz and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Net

Likud, Blue and White fight threatens lockdown

At a press conference at the Defense Ministry, Blue and White leader Benny Gantz said there was no point in extending the lockdown if it was not being properly enforced.


Experts agree that lockdown extension is inevitable and necessary

While the numbers of the pandemic appear to have started trending downward, the situation is still too severe to allow lifting the restrictions.

Palestinians applaud renewal of ties with US

A senior Palestinian official in Ramallah told The Jerusalem Post that the Palestinians were “deeply satisfied” by the US official’s announcement.

Netanyahu to Davos: Israel is 'world's laboratory for immunity'

Israel closed its airports Monday for at least a week, the first country in the world to do so.


New Secretary of State Blinken calls Israeli counterpart Ashkenazi

Ashkenazi congratulated Blinken on his confirmation and the two agreed to continue speaking regularly and meet in person as soon as possible, in light of coronavirus limitations.

Apple to partner with KAN for second season of ‘Tehran’

Filming for the second season will begin in the coming months and it will air in late 2021.

Mac TA, Hapoel Jerusalem lose in Europe

Yellow-and-blue falls to Fenerbahce • Reds ousted from Champions League • Ness Ziona triumphs


Despite coronavirus, Jerusalem Sam Spiegel Film School thrives

The entire faculty and staff switched to working on Zoom, but work continues.

UN calls on Israel to help make vaccines available to Palestinians

Cooperative Israeli-Palestinian efforts to combat the pandemic in the Palestinian territories have been lauded, including by the UN.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu speaks at Yad Vashem's Holocaust Remembrance Day ceremony

Netanyahu: ‘Never again’ is Israel’s mission

The world has not learned the lessons of the Holocaust and eradicate antisemitism, the prime minister lamented.

Israelis Hadar Goldin, Oron Shaul, Avera Mengistu and Hisham Al-Sayed being held by Hamas in Gaza

Knesset holds discussion on return of bodies of Oron Shaul, Hadar Goldin

Aviram Shaul criticized the government for allowing his brother's body to be held captive for this long. "Those who leave for battle need to know that they will be returned," he said.

Yoav Gallant

Haifa school that invited B’Tselem D-G may face sanctions, Gallant says

The national Teachers' Union however has announced that it supports the Hebrew Reali School and will stand alongside it on this issue.

Axiom Space Station

Axiom Space unveils 1st private ISS crew joining Israeli Eytan Stibbe

The crew will live aboard the US segment of the ISS for about eight days and participate in research and philanthropic projects.


Despite COVID, Israel’s defense companies say 2020 was a good year

In 2019, Israel ranked as world’s 8th largest arms exporter.

A man stands next to a giant menorah as people celebrate Hanukkah, the Jewish festival of lights, in

How Dubai’s DMCC is pioneering kosher markets in the UAE

Sanjeev Dutta, Executive Director of Commodities and Financial Services at DMCC says that “since the signing of the UAE-Israel Peace Accord, we have seen a strategic shift across the region."

Amir Peretz quits Knesset

On Friday afternoon, when the resignation takes effect, he will be replaced in the Knesset by former Meretz MK Ilan Gilon.

‘A CHALLENGE requiring the use of innovative advanced technologies is extreme changes in the charact

Israel Electric Corp. fined NIS 13 million for misuse of monopoly power

The decision found that the IEC misused its standing as a monopoly to harm those who would buy electricity from private electricity manufacturers.

Jerusalem provides aid to 11,000 Holocaust survivors living in the city

The municipality runs a variety of clubs and provides in-home assistance to the city's Holocaust survivors.

Hadassah Medical Center medical staff member receives the second round of the Covid-19 vaccine, at t

At-risk children received COVID vaccine despite lack of data

The Health Ministry reportedly allowed children under 16 to receive the vaccine even if they are at risk for complications caused by the virus.

Israel's Memorial Day

Despite 75% drop in suicide rates, public trust in IDF reporting drops

Nine incidents of suspected suicide were reported in the IDF in 2020, while 12 were reported in 2019.


Olympics-Israel to vaccinate athletes for Tokyo Games by May

Israel, however, currently leads the world on per capita vaccinations, having inoculated 29% of its population with at least one dose.


IDF lone soldier from UK thwarts stabbing, Palestinian attacker killed

Cpl. Lian Harush said that after she pushed the attacker with her gun, "he went back and forth between me and my commander, trying to stab us.”

Biden envoy: US to reopen diplomatic missions for Palestinians

“The US will urge Israel’s government and the Palestinian Authority to avoid unilateral steps that make the two-state solution more difficult.”

Israeli drones will help locate survivors during natural disasters

These drones will handle events similar to the US capitol riots.

F-16 Flight Simulator

Israeli Air Force pilots teach excellence in online flight simulator

“Our online courses capture the spirit and heritage of the Israeli Air Force, combining a thrilling flight simulator experience with an actual IAF pilot navigating the adventure.”

Meet the hospital staff's children joining the fight against coronavirus

The children have been developing their projects as part of the "Biotech - Next Generation" project.

Ultra-Orthodox men scuffle with Israeli police as they protest against the coronavirus restrictions

Haredi rioters clash with police over lockdown enforcement

Rioters reportedly threw rocks at driving vehicles, blocked roads with garbage cans and caused damage to a bus.

Aliyah from Birkenau to Baka during a pandemic: The story of Arnold Clevs

Ahead of Holocaust Remembrance Day, Arnold said he felt immensely privileged to have made it to the Jewish state.

Peretz leaves Labor to stay minister

When they decided to enter the government and Michaeli refused to be part of the coalition, Peretz could have had Michaeli removed from the party, but he chose not to do so.

MK Yair Lapid speaks during a protest against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu calling on him to qu

Yesh Atid to run alone, seek bonds in bloc

Lapid will encourage mergers among other parties inside the Center-Left bloc behind the scenes, in order to maximize the mandates won by the bloc.


High Court: Police can’t demand Ethiopians produce ID without suspicion

The court wrote that “there is a suspicion that the authority will be used in an arbitrary way and will lead to the violation of human rights.”

International Holocaust Remembrance Day goes online for 2021

Yad Vashem has also created a sub section of its website featuring online exhibitions, educational resources and the unique “IRemember Wall.”

Blue and White party leader Benny Gantz walks in the Israeli Parliament during a vote on a bill to d

Gantz: Our window to prepare for an earthquake is closing fast

‘I am not a prophet, but statistics show that in the next few years we will face such a scenario'


Metal tags of children murdered in the Holocaust unearthed at Sobibor

The four tags carried the children’s names, date of birth and hometown – Amsterdam.

Supreme Court lets police check phones of PM’s PR people

Golan and Orich are senior public relations advisers to Netanyahu, giving the ruling out-sized political significance.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visits a Clalit healthcare center in the Arab town Tira.

Netanyahu meets with Arab-Israeli authorities to discuss lowering crime

"I want special forces, task forces," Netanyahu suggested, after indicating that the crime wave would likely spread to Jewish localities soon.

Post-COVID travel: Lower demand, lower prices, more competition for El Al

On Monday, Israel began a flight closure that prevents Israeli citizens and foreigners from leaving or entering the country.

Israeli children in second grade (7 - 8 years old) using computers in a class room during a lesson a

Policewoman goes undercover as minor to uncover 23 pedophiles

The involved suspects face charges ranging from indecent acts to sexual assault of a minor.

Court: No postponing PM trial to wait for Case 4000 entities' decision

Netanyahu's lawyers had hoped that open decisions about whether Yediot Ahronot and Walla will be part of the Case 4000 Jerusalem trial could be used to delay the calling of witnesses.

A Holocaust survivor shows the number that was tattooed on his arm in a Nazi concentration camp duri

900 Holocaust survivors died of COVID-19 in Israel in 2020

A total of 179,600 Holocaust survivors live in Israel; 5,300 were infected with coronavirus over last year

Arts photographer Gadi Dagon dead at 63

The prolific photographer began his career in the 1970s in print journalism, specializing in fashion, however, his true calling came with his discovery of the performing arts.

Cows graze in a grassy area near Mas'ada in the Israeli Golan Heights

Grazing cows lead to squabble on Lebanese-Israeli border

The herders from the border village of Wazzani say Israeli patrols crossed into a grey zone on Sunday between a technical fence that separates the two countries.

Blue and White party leader Benny Gantz walks in the Israeli Parliament during a vote on a bill to d

Gantz warns of future earthquake: ‘the time frame to prepare grows short’

The leader of Blue and White, a coalition partner of Likud, lamented that the ministerial committee to oversee Homefront Command readiness for large-scale disasters hasn’t even met.

Israel's political crisis attacked by Gantz, Rivlin and Hayut

The crisis was attacked at the largest ever swearing in ceremony of judges in Israel.

View of Mount Hermon covered with snow as it seen from the northern Golan Heights, near the border w

Syrian Arab Army forces position themselves on Mount Hermon - report

Reports have surfaced recently of both Israeli and Syrian airstrikes in areas close to the border.

Coronavirus: Yad Sarah aims to vaccinate 30,000 Holocaust survivors

The health funds have been cooperating with Yad Sarah, as they committed to vaccinate all Holocaust survivors as soon as they arrive, without the need to wait in line.

A Wall of Honor, Hope, and Heritage

Jewish National Fund-USA donor Bob Chertkof joins the Wall of Honor


Skunk spray, burning bins highlight gov't impotence to haredi resistance

"I don't believe in coronavirus," says recently recovered coronavirus patient.

Haredi protesters burn garbage in protest of the light rail construction in their ultra-Orthodox nei

Haredi protests in Jerusalem continue against light rail construction

The protesters, numbering in the hundreds, at Bar Ilan Junction, burned garbage cans and blocked the road, as well as damaged passing vehicles and the current construction areas of the light rail.

An Israeli shekel note is seen in this June 22, 2017 illustration photo.

Bank of Israel vs the FX market: Can $30 billion stem the shekel's ascent?

For now, the plan has worked. The shekel has slipped 5% to 3.28 since the Bank of Israel announcement. Analysts believe speculative flows have been mostly scared away.


Eden Alene to perform ‘Set me Free’ at Eurovision 2021

Alene is the first Israeli of Ethiopian descent chosen to represent Israel at Eurovision.

High Court considers ordering state inquiry into Case 3000

Lawyers debate if alleged PM crimes had expired.

Israel Elections: Joint List on verge of breaking up

Odeh's party: No Likud branch will be allowed inside the Joint List

SECURITY SURVEILLANCE monitors. Privacy advocates argue that even if the official transfer of data d

Privacy Authority: We balanced COVID-19 era, despite setbacks

Until the coronavirus era many thought, “privacy had died. But now it has come back and big time."

Israeli clubs face crucial continental clashes

Maccabi Tel Aviv has a pair of Euroleague contests, while Jerusalem needs help in Champions League.

Tel Aviv University campus

Arab students studying engineering & computer science doubled in 5 years

In addition, the number of female Arab students studying in these fields have tripled.

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