An illustration of the Tel Aviv light rail Purple Line.
Israel: Ignored transportation failures and forgotten traffic jams

An advanced and suitable “intra-periphery” transportation infrastructure is a timely necessity.

An illustration of a parking garage gate opening.
US-based Arrive taps Israeli innovation to accelerate parking solutions

The mobility start-up first established a permanent presence in Israel with the acquisition of Tel Aviv-based mobile payment platform CodiPark in May 2018.

Ridesharing, are Israelis ready to not travel solo to save environment

Do they think the new slogan, “Whoever travels alone, arrives later,” will bring about a change in Israelis’ driving habits?

Roads closed due to heavy rains across Israel

Route 31 from Arad to the Dead Sea Road was closed off following the collapse of part of a mountain on the road near the end of the descent to the Dead Sea.

Colorado Traffic Lawyer David Colt
Colorado Traffic Lawyer David Colt explains how drivers should handle problems

Many drivers need a traffic lawyer when they get into trouble with the traffic police over a traffic violation. Driving is controlled by traffic laws that aim to keep people safe

Jerusalemites brace for traffic chaos as world leaders arrive

Leaders from 46 countries - accompanied by high-level delegations - will make their way to the capital in the coming days, ahead of the Fifth World Holocaust Forum at Yad Vashem on Thursday.

HITORERUT CITY councilman Elad Malka
Jerusalem traffic and its myriad of problems, who's at fault?

Jerusalem has become a nightmare for drivers and riders on public transportation

Dozens of e-scooters to be scattered around Jerusalem

The pilot will attempt to provide a solution for residents and visitors in the Jerusalem area suffering from the city's massive traffic jams, helping them move more efficiently and quickly.

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