Relax! 5 Tips for Learning English at Home

 Learning English is a topic that is on every parents mind especially by the time your child is in Elementary school. As parents we want the best for our children and encourage them to succeed. Though, it can be hard not to feel or put pressure on our children; especially, when English is a foreign or secondary language. I mean at the end of the day English is the universal language. No pressure right!?
Before you start panicking let me first tell you, RELAX! Research has proven that the earlier you start learning a language the faster the child will grasp it. Until the age of 7 a child's brain is like a sponge, soaking in all the building blocks of language. In most schools today (In Israel), English is mostly taught on or after grade two. Let me share a secret with you, you can start learning English today, easily! There really is no better time than now!
Here are my five tips for learning English at home:
1.    Establish a routine. As we all know children need routine and studies have proven that children thrive in it. Set aside a time every day or two where you are focused on learning English. It's important to remember that these time slots need not be long. They can be as short ten to fifteen minutes. If you see that your child has built interest you can gradually add more time. However, if you see that your child is showing disinterest then take a small break. Never force it. We want your child to love learning English.
2.    Get crafty! Children love to get messy and what a better than to do it through crafts. Through Simplish you can mess your way through the ABC's, coloring, gluing and cutting. What a better way to learn the ABC's than through art!
3.    Books, books and more books! All children love books. They either love readings them, coloring them or ripping them apart. Incorporate books into your household. You can buy many English books online or at your local bookstore. Books can be a part of your bedtime routine. You can choose to read one book each night in English.
a.    Supplementary English workbooks are also an excellent way to keep up with learning English. You can introduce it early on before the language window of opportunity closes. Simplish allows children to learn how to read and write on a foundation level through their senses. Simplish uses a methodology that is new and one of its kind to Israel.
4.    Songs and games. This is a really easy one! Turn on the radio and start listening to songs that you love in English. Make an activity of it at home and look up the words online. From there your just steps away from speaking in sentences to your friends. Card games, board games, computer games, all these games are interactive and are a fun way to learn English. Sunfish has a large collection of English learning games that are fun and easy to use. I use them when I teach and the children always ask for more.
5.    Relax!!! Learning a language takes time. The brain needs time to process, decode and find patterns. Evidence proves that children exposed to a language early on will soon catch up without any help.
So keep on practicing and enjoy learning the English language. Remember to change up the games, songs and books so that you will not get bored. Set a goal, maybe in a couple of months from now movie night will be an English movie night!
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