Israeli Designer Alon Livne at New York Fashion Week

During New York Fashion Week, I attended the Alon Livne Spring 2015 show at the Hudson Hotel. The collection was stunning and the show was incredible. Black and white leather, cocktail dresses, sequins, cutouts, and spiraling shapes cascaded down the runway. After winning Proyekt Maslul, the Israeli version of the American reality show Project Runway, Alon Livne still impresses the international fashion world with his jaw-dropping futuristic chic looks.
Alon Livne is truly inspirational. As a business professor, I love stories like his that tell of people who have achieved great things by following their dreams. Prior to winning Proyekt Maslul, at 17, an age when most teens are career clueless, Alon Livne was in European fashion houses, training with Alexander McQueen in London. At 22, he was appointed to Robert Cavelli’s evening wear and couture departments designing gowns for celebrities and royalty. Fast forward to now, besides launching his glamorous bridal collection, Alon is dressing Hollywood stars, and in his fourth season at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York, the fashion capital of the world. 
As the stage rocked with live pulsing music and models walking the runway, I got to chat with Alon Livne backstage in Hebrew about life after his Proyekt Maslul win.  
How did you arrive at Fashion Week in New York after Proyekt Maslul?  
After Project Maslul, I opened a store in Israel on Dizengoff Street. I have a good business in Israel, and work with brides and personal clients. I wanted worldwide exposure so I came to New York four seasons ago, and it’s been an amazing experience. In the past year, I worked with the biggest celebrities in the world. Beyonce, Naomi Campbell, Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, and the Kardashian family, just to name a few. It’s been a lot of fun, and I get respect and appreciation for my work. 
How is your career different in Israel? 
In Israel, it’s tougher with couture and high-end collections. There is nowhere really to go with this. Israel is warm. It’s open. There aren’t many red carpet events like In the United States, where women excel themselves in their appearance to look gorgeous and outstanding.
What inspires you?
Every season is a different theme. This season is about postmodern architecture. The strong woman. I am still exploring with my aesthetic three dimensional technique. 
How is life different for you in Israel?
It’s warm. My friends and family are there. In the United States, it’s more professional, but exciting because you can accomplish great things. 
Thank you Alon Livne for sharing inspiring insights into your work and life with Jerusalem Post readers!