United Jews

Do you see, al the trouble in the world? We have IS we have al the terrorist attacks all over the world. Oh and we have a growing anti semitism. 
The world is one big mas and we are waiting for masiach to come but why should he come if we don't do good? If we even have struggles with our own people? We have three big tastes of Judaism we have Orthodox Judaism that's for the people we love delicious kosher Shabbat meals (Only 100% kosher), we have Masorti for the conservative Jews (that also love kosher Shabbat meals but sometimes a little les kosher..) and we have reform that's like that bad boy of Judaism, who say no I do it my way. 
Okay, I write that as a little joke but we have to understand Reform Judaism do some stuff different, have you ever seen a woman with tefillin? And a kippah? Hmm you can find them at the reform synagogue. Now you see angry orthodox people... 
But is this bad? We can view this on two perspectives. 
Yes and no... 
G-D gave us our brains to make our own decisions he gave the Torah as a guid "how to be good". 
A woman is closer to G-D then a man, a man need to do more then a woman so you can say a woman don't need a tefillin or a kippah. 
Women are not considered obligated to perform the commandments associated with some of these garments, so they don’t wear any of them. In Orthodox Judaism. 
But why al the hate for Reform Judaism? They do different from Orthodox Judaism but in on the other hand they keep the same traditions, the same culture and the same religion. 
In Israel they had blocked Reform Jews from entering the mikveh. Seriously? We put the Halacha in the trash can because Reform Jews don't follow the full Halacha? How can we block Reform Jews from entering the Mikveh? They are Jewish?  Even the Reform Ger how can we say that he is not Jewish? Only because he did not do it the orthodox way? How can we tell if the orthodox way is the only good? 
And then we have angry Reform Jews at the western wall they want a woman and man mixed section, seriously why? Do you want to do your prayer hand in hand with your love? Okay western wall is an holy place this is the only place that should be 100% fully strictly following Halacha, so an mixed place why do you even think about it?
We have so manny big problems in the world why do we hate and fight for the Reform and Orthodox? Why don't we just respect our ways of religion We should support each other and stand hand in hand, all the Jews Reform, Masorti and Orthodox (also the ger from Reform) and remember that we all are Jews and we all have one mission "MAKE THE WORLD GREAT AGAIN" 
If we al stand together and just have respect and love even for those who practice differently even those who change the culture, stand together and united. 
And don't forget all people on the world Jews or non Jews black or White, Christians, Muslims, etc. we all are creatures of G-D if we hate, we hate the creation of G-D